PATCHWERK?? MY MIND HAS CHANGED! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — After careful experimentation, it turns out Patchwerk is preeeety good!
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45 thoughts on “PATCHWERK?? MY MIND HAS CHANGED! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Holy shit I can't wait for that bobs buddy app to be released. It will finally shut this Romanian salt bath's mouth. I mean seriously, the last fight he had complaining about a terrible attack order?? wtf does he even mean, the first hit was fine either way then he lost a 50/50.

  2. He probably died to the ghost of another 10k mmr player that queued up with a 6k mmr buddy to lower his mmr. You should understand that, Kripp.

  3. You had more than 10 life at the end. Being patchwerk actually gave you no benefit other than courage.

    The real first place was inside you all along

  4. Kripp's new business plan:

    1) Upload videos with murlocs (no divine shields)
    2) Upload videos with murlocs (with divine shields)
    3) Upload videos with murlocs (no poisonous)
    4) Upload videos with murlocs (poisonous)
    5) Upload videos with murlocs (with divine shields and poisonous)
    6) Upload videos with murlocs (and mechs)
    7) Upload videos with murlocs (and beasts)
    8) Upload videos with murlocs (plus mechs and beasts)
    Repeat for all heroes!

  5. I miss Patchwerk in the early battlegrounds. Selling everything on turn 3 to level up was a fun way to play.

  6. let's be honest, part of the reason we watch is for the Salt. lol.

  7. Writing this before I watch the video. I'm guessing he uses the extra 10 hp to buy himself an extra turn while he levels up fast and wins with brann + murlocs

  8. Kripp trying to convince people to take patchwerk so he can get some easy kills. LUL

  9. Today was like the third time I managed to pull a good murlocs build, haven't got brann in any of dozens rerolls, only had 1 megasaur for divine shields, poisoned 4 of my murlocs by toxifin, taunted some with argus and was about to win dealing 17-19 4 last rounds when that would-be-second-place player with like 24 HP (iirc was a flawless run until I've beaten him about 4 rounds before, only having 1 poison on tinyfin with so huge attack that poison didn't even matter) just leaves. Man I was so angry for not getting a chance to crush their winstreaking ass.
    Ran murlocs from the beginning, had 3 HP left, went all in and managed to comeback even without a brann. Seriously tho, losing at 8th place may be less sad at times…

  10. my patchwerk build normally involves SKYROCKETING to 5 and grabbing a bran and battlemaster itll get ya top4 if yer lucky!

  11. For those of you saying Patchwerk did nothing if he had 10 health at the end of the game…. Yeah that's kind of the point. If he didn't have 10 extra health hed be dead. Thats kinda how PW works… If he had 15 hp left then sure, but 10 or less means Patchwerk did exactly what he was supposed to.

  12. Lmfao I swear those people that die to ghosts are like "Alright I'm going up against some idiot who already lost before me so this should be easy."

  13. My thoughts on Patchwerk, in addition to being good with murlocs, is that he's good with demons. He can handle to take damage from wrath weavers and homunculi (at least in the early game). Also, with annihilan battlemaster, he can buff the minion to get even more health 😀

  14. Kripp talks about people in high ranks not picking Patchwerk even though he is statistically good. Statistics are actually kinda obsolete the higher in MMR you go because stats look at numbers across the board. The people at 9-12k MMR are such a small percentile in the overall scheme of things that the overall stats do not show how a hero performs at that MMR whatsoever. This is why Jerraxus was, for a long time, one of the best win rate heros statistically. Not sure if that's changed, but it was clearly because at low to average MMR anything goes.

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