Path of Exile: Designing a ZiggyD Unique - Name, Art & Flavor Text! - Update 2 (Nov)

Welcome back for part two of the behind the scenes look at the designing of ZiggyD’s Path of Exile unique! In this video I show off the WIP art design, name and flavor text as well as how the stats are currently balanced! Hopefully you guys enjoy this look at the inner workings of the unique design process.

Here’s part 1 of the unique design process!

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Path of Exile is a loot-based Action RPG by indie developers Grinding Gear Games on the PC. It’s free to play and you can register for an account here:


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49 thoughts on “Path of Exile: Designing a ZiggyD Unique — Name, Art & Flavor Text! — Update 2 (Nov)

  1. just something i had always kinda wondered before. but dosnt green gems normally equate to cold and blue gems with lightning? i figured lightning went better witht he int and cold better with the Dex but on your ring its the other way.  typo or actual build choice?

  2. Ring is useless, and banal. As you level, none of the stats, as listed, help you level. At end-game, well… this items hinders progression. I run two Andvarius', and I am still res capped (overcapped on two). Having a ring (endgame-wise) that doesn't get you any closer to being less able to be killed/more easily killing thing is… useless. And this item is banal.

  3. Nice naming and flavour. Could they make it reward gem level? Say 2% resist per gem level?

  4. Only thing that I don't like is that in PoE Intelligence is associated with Lightning and Dexterity to Cold. In your item a blue gem (which is an intelligence gem) increases cold resists… why?

  5. What if you socket portal gem? I know that there are not a single reason to socket it in there, but still, would there be no bonuses just -25% penalty?

  6. As cool as the ring looks, like, graphically, wouldn't the white socket get in the way of the art? D:

  7. To me the gem based effect seems weird. For example, what gem as blue one would you give into it, as single link effect?
    Green = AA / Blood Rage
    Red = Leap Slam / Decoy Totem
    Blue = Lightning Warp? Possibly some curse, even if i prefer either mass curse with CoH or CWDT
    It seems that for cold res effect this ring will be absolute rubbish.
    If the effect would be based on the gem color, you can change it with chromatic. And you would be able to Vaal it for white socket, not to white on default.

    And last question — what if Portal gets inserted? No bonus? Rubbish …

  8. I would love to be able to design a new unique. Oh well, I guess I'll have to keep dreaming. 🙁

  9. thank god you decide to give a mature text and name on it, im really excited too with this, and see how it'll look

  10. Just one thing i was thinking about… this setup can be counter synergistic… try and get some cold resist while playing a cold damage build, makes it so you cant use the elemental equilibrium part, maybe just put a gem aura in there? im just not sure if the 2 abilities go well hand in hand, they dont seem to work together in every situation…

  11. No offense, but I don't really see the point of this unique. Goldrim & Aurumvorax are both really cheap and will give you capped out resistances without any noticeable drawback (other than not being able to wear a 2-hander). For bossfights, buying 2 cold/lightning resist rings is much cheaper and will give you the opportunity to roll other interesting mods on them. Local EE is interesting, especially for RF builds, but I can't think of any skill that would spread EE fast enough without being linked to LMP or GMP. Arc maybe, but I'm not sure about that.

  12. This is brilliant, I didn't quite understand the usage of this ring from your original video but HOLY FUCK THIS IS GON BE GOOD

  13. this ring kinda makes EleE from the tree useless i think… why would you put nodes into that if you get basically a version of EE with this item that doesnt have the drawback of dealing reduced damage on repetitive hits with the same element?

  14. Hey ZiggyD. I have an advise how to make your ring absolutely insane. U need make mod -1 to all maximum elemental resistances and +2 to elemental resistance of fire/cold/lightning if socketed with red/green/blue gem. It can make a use for a ring and make it really powerful 

  15. I'm loving the design, but its probably not something I would use. I'm really glad you decided to be different though. Also thanks for adding more Malachai lore, he is my favorite character haha.

  16. 9:18. Should be noted that Voideye is Invasion/Ambush specific. Ninja spoilers?
    As for late game potential… The obvious competing mechanic is Curse on Hit. I would've imagined this would've lead people to the obvious comparison to Doedre's Damning but apparently no one else has thought of it.
    Advantages this item over Doedre's in those instances:
    — EE's a bit stronger than a normal curse (just comparing the -res)
    — takes less slots
    — not affected by boss curse reduction
    — bit more res (10%)
    — works through curse immunity
    — parties less likely to have someone using EE, very likely to have someone using a curse

    — EE is weaker than a 20/20 Curse on Hit w/ 20/20 Ele weakness and in general another maxed curse is better than EE
    — going to have to jump through more hoops for the item. Aside from the obvious resistance on gear, you have to consider heralds if you're slotting a spell or trap in there for instance. If you Herald into there, it reduces your herald proc damage.
    — bit less int/mana/mana on kill
    — no links (hoses pretty much every attack vector I think)
    — increases at least one resistance

    Might find a place in discharge builds using ice nova as a second EE (that's probably massive overkill, but it might be useful for bosses). Maybe ele ST if ice nova still works as a decent vector with no supports. Otherwise the primary utility for jumping through the hoops seems to be bypassing curse resistance/immunity. For instance, if you wanted to use herald of thunder to proc it you could just HoT + CoH + EE + specific curse to do it with higher herald damage as well applying two curses for the same reservation, assuming it can be cursed. You could possibly stack this with Doedre's for a "triple curse", but that seems like it'd be overkill the vast majority of the time.

  17. Idea — now when some uniques have scaling per level, woulnd't that be fun to have on the ring? like -1res per4 levels, +1 res per level.

  18. Ziggy this ring would actually work AMAZINGLY with your crit puncture build. Socket Lightning arrow and shoot two lightning arrows before you start tornado shotting. It also synergises amazingly with lightning coil to counter the lightning resistance issues!!!!

  19. Ask if they can make some smoke effect from the hands if you wield this ring :p we need more "3D" art rings /amulets 😀
    btw love the ring so far! 😀
    Thinking of RF+Flamesurge and have some high shock chance thing in this for EE:)

  20. Shouldn't blue gem give lightning res, and green gem give gold res?
    Blue Gems: (added lightning damage, purity of lightning, wrath)
    Green Gems: (added cold damage, purity of ice, hatred)

  21. Really like the design, and I'm very impressed with the artwork. I kinda miss the original idea of being able to move it between hands to switch the element, to save having to carry multiple resist rings, but I can see the advantages of the new design.
    (ie. PoE not supporting the concept of wearing three rings!)

  22. Hey Ziggs I clicked on this with 100% cynical face on. But now that I'm watching this I love the design! You really put your expertise and game knowledge to work. Anyone who's able to blast through hardcore leagues knows that fixing up resists on your character as you level is just probably the most difficult and annoying part. I dare say your ring will be extremely welcome to the game. 

    Also GGG are dicks sometimes. Dammit let people put their names in the flavour text, wtf. Put that Ziggadiacious Dhei back in there GGG dammit!!!

    REALLY clever design! GGG's Unset rings have all sucked but you've finally made one worth wearing!!

  23. I see a potential problem with this design. If you need the fire or lightning resist, there aren't many ways to use the EE portion since those skills are either melee based (red) or melee / bow (or wand) based (green). And typically if your going to be using EE, you'll primarly be doing elemental damage which in like 70% of the time means your a caster and don't want to be close to mobs.

    I think most people would just use a blue gem regardless of situation and ignore the other potential resists.

  24. Made it as a race reward! Too bad I don't think I'll even get close to 250 points. 🙁

  25. I wish they made it so that if you put a white gem in it (like portal) you'd get chaos and/or physical mitigation..that would've been cool

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