PERFECT GAME IN THIS META?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Absolute perfection is not possible with Murlocs, but with many moms, it is!
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35 thoughts on “PERFECT GAME IN THIS META?! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. That was easy, kripp should try to get a perfect game with A.F. Kay

  2. Anyone else feel bad for that Malygos? Faced Kripp 3 times or so and on 2 of the 3 he lost to a full board of rat tokens, the third was when he died.

  3. That 5 Mama bear was disgusting… Are you sure your viewers are old enough to watch this?

  4. When Deathwing actually loses a Rat Pack in a Battlegrounds Match:

    Impressive. You've forced me to use 2% of my power.

  5. games with Deathwing are so stupid you get rat lvl 2 you win game… other players get rat you are last, who designs hero like this…. so stupid.

  6. The last  one would be a loss if he didnt get beasts from ghastcoilers. The enemy board sure looked weak at first glance, but the deathrattle chains are very strong, especially with deathwing.

  7. Shall we discuss how the comment section is almost more fun than the video itself? There is an entire community of itself down here!

  8. Kripp: plays random match in battlegrounds
    Also Kripp every time:

  9. I remember this game. I am the one asking 'Why not start with Brann?' 😀

  10. I watch Kripp's videos everyday. But lately I've missed a week of Kripp's videos due to stuff. Previously this would not be a problem as Kripp's videos used to be short when he plays arena or constructed. But ever since he's played BG's his videos have reached 19-25mins per video. As such, I've downloaded more than a week's worth of his videos that i missed which has amount to 30. Tomorrow he will upload 2 more videos as he uploads two per day. So I've gotta keep up by watching his old videos and then we see how many i have left per day. For optimal efficiency, i have to watch at least three per day because he uploads two per day. If i just watch one, the list will get bigger obviously, if i watch two, then we're back where we started. So wish me luck everyone

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