Picking Wisp Was Never This Right!! | Warlock Arena | Hearthstone

Today we play Warlock and believe it or not — Wisp was the best choice in the draft!


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50 thoughts on “Picking Wisp Was Never This Right!! | Warlock Arena | Hearthstone

  1. I missed the anti-spoiler at the end so you wouldn’t know if trump won or not by looking at the video length left, pls Jens

  2. And today, I'm going to choose another two cards to try to analyze their potential.
    The two cards this time are:
    (3:05) Scrapyard Colossus (against Rocket Augmerchant and Terrorguard Escapee) [Sticky Late Game vs Early Game Ping]
    (4:10) Wisp (against Priestess of Elune and Call of the Void) [Flexible Early Game vs Mid Game Healing/Random Value]

    For Call of the Void: I calculate that there would be about a 60% chance that you would get a Decent or better option of a Demon compared to the utility of Wisp. However, due to the sheer number of Demons that you could get (47 in total), I will simply be rating the possibility of ANY DEMON being better than a 0 mana 1/1 in a situation. The only way to keep that truly fair would be to compare Wisp to a 2 mana, 0/1 Blood Imp in every situation (i.e. the worst possible case you could get from Call of the Void for a similar mana cost), however, I will briefly consider if another "random" demon could have made the play better. In general, I will only be comparing Wisp to Priestess of Elune unless otherwise stated.

    Game 1
    (6:31) Scrapyard Colossus was drawn. (Rocket Augmerchant wouldn't have matter much this turn as the four drop was better overall tempo. However, at (6:58) the Ping could have been used to clear off the 1/1, which would have also allowed for better trades against the Grapplesniper. That said, Trump probably would have still kept the Ping as he would have seen the Hippogryph trade as being enough tempo/value for the turn.)
    (N/A) Wisp wasn't drawn or played this Game.
    Game 2
    (12:11) Scrapyard Colossus was drawn. (Rocket Augmerchant would have allowed for the clean-up trade had the Batrider missed. Although, Trump most likely would have kept it for a later turn. I don't think that he would have weaved it into any other turn.)
    (14:43) Scrapyard Colossus was played. (Best Card for this turn.)
    (N/A) Wisp wasn't drawn or played this game.
    Game 3
    (17:45) Wisp was drawn. (Priestess of Elune would have been bad tempo this turn, and considering the Shadow Council plan, Call of the Void would not have been played this turn either.)
    (N/A) Scrapyard Colossus wasn't drawn or played this game.
    Game 4
    (20:23) Scrapyard Colossus was part of the mulligan phase. (Going second against a Druid, the Rocket Augmerchant might have been kept as an answer, but he could have easily reasoned that the 1-health against Druid's Hero Power might not be worth keeping. This could have gone either way. It would have also synergized well with an Evil Genius turn. I do think that given how much he questioned keeping the Felbolt that he would have kept the Augmerchant over the Felbolt, but again variance.)
    (21:43) On this turn if he had the Rocket Augmerchant, he probably would have a similar play with the EVIL Genius in order to keep the coin. This would have been a powerful swing turn considering how slow the Druid was playing at this point. Even if the Evasive Chimera + EVIL Genius had been reasoned as the "best" play, the Augmerchant would have been very useful at clearing off the Hippogryph (22:25) without falling behind in tempo. This is the last turn that one could reasonably predict the usefulness of the Augmerchant over the value of the mulligan.
    (24:43) Wisp was drawn. (Neither Call of the Void or Priestess of Elune would have changed the play this turn. He might have played Call of the Void on the next turn, but considering that the option suggested by HearthArena was Priestess of Elune, it's not really worth debating. I do not think that he would have played Priestess of Elune within the 3 turn window I've alotted for analysis.)
    (27:15) Wisp was transformed by Shadow Council. (No further analysis as he wouldn't have played Priestess of Elune over simply transforming it with Shadow Council.)
    (28:07) Scrapyard Colossus was drawn and played. (Definitely the best option for this turn, a value ping against a big body in the late game is really no question. That said, if he had the Rocket Augmerchant he probably would have still used it to Tap and take out the other half of Candletaker. I do not think that this possibility was better, so I'm going to stand firm that the Colossus was the best choice for this turn/game.)
    Game 5
    (29:03) Wisp was drawn. (As Priestess of Elune, it would have been a dead draw. Though, he definitely would have played it as Call of the Void. Blood Imp would be objectively worse than Wisp overall in this board state, but Call of the Void would allow him to at least spend all his mana this turn.)
    (29:38) Scrapyard Colossus was drawn. (I don't think he would have played Rocket Augmerchant over simply tapping on this turn.)
    (29:57) Both Wisp and Scrapyard Colossus were transformed by Shadow Council. (He might have considered using the Rocket Augmerchant to clear off the EVIL Cable Rat, and maybe even tap, but there is an equally likely possibility that he still would have gone through with playing Shadow Council anyway. A thing to note is that the 1/1 Cable Rat was used to clear off his Bone Wraith several turns later, so it might have been useful to use Rocket Augmerchant before the Shadow Council.)
    Game 6
    (41:52) Scrapyard Colossus was one of the "top deck" options from Sightless Ranger. (If it had been a Rocket Augmerchant instead it wouldn't have changed anything, beyond him probably picking the Bone Wraith instead.)
    (N/A) Scrapyard Colossus wasn't drawn or played this game.
    (N/A) Wisp wasn't drawn or played this game.
    Game 7
    (N/A) Scrapyard Colossus wasn't drawn or played this game.
    (N/A) Wisp wasn't drawn or played this game.
    Game 8
    (47:29) Wisp was part of the Mulligan phase. (He probably would have still kept the Priestess of Elune or Call of the Void as Fuel for a Shadow Council play.)
    (48:19) Wisp was transformed by Shadow Council. (No further analysis needed.)
    (N/A) Scrapyard Colossus wasn't drawn or played this game.
    Game 9
    (51:17) Scrapyard Colossus was drawn. (The Augmerchant would not have affected this turn, and I would predict that the following turns would have played out similarly anyway.)
    (54:14) Wisp was drawn. (I think that Priestess of Elune might have been played this turn before the Soulfire had been played, but regardless, Wisp was discarded by Soulfire so no further analysis will be given.)
    (55:02) Scrapyard Colossus was played. (If he had Rocket Augmerchant instead of Colossus, he definitely would have lost. Colossus was the best choice for this turn.)
    Game 10
    (57:46) Scrapyard Colossus was drawn. (Against Warlock, and with a potentially incredible EVIL Genius Tempo/Value play on turn 2, Rocket Augmerchant would have been a pretty good option to play this turn. It would have also prevented his opponent from playing both the Hot Air Balloon and the Flame Imp.)
    (58:07) Wisp was drawn and played. (Best option for this turn as he would have had to play EVIL Genius alone, or tap and fall even further behind in tempo.)
    Game 11
    (1:07:04) Scrapyard Colossus was drawn and played. (Best choice for this turn. Rocket Augmerchant would have required him playing the Supreme Abyssal or tapping into a better option.)
    (N/A) Wisp wasn't drawn or played this game.
    Game 12
    (1:11:40) Wisp was drawn. (Priestess of Elune could not have been played this turn, and Call of the Void might have been played, but ultimately neither option was inherently better this turn. On turn 6, he might have considered playing the Priestess of Elune over the Platebreaker as it was a better curve play and would have healed him as well. Call of the Void would have also been at least played to see what potential Demon was lurking inside.)
    (1:12:56) Wisp was played. (I honestly think that Priestess of Elune was the better option on this turn as the potential 5/1 (after Felbolt) would have at least forced the Paladin to lose one of his minions to remove it. The Priestess would make the probability of the Felbolt hitting the Platebreaker 50/50, but it would have been a stronger play than sacrificing the Battlemage for the 33%.)
    (N/A) Scrapyard Colossus wasn't drawn or played this game.

    Scrapyard Colossus performed extremely well this run providing the much needed stall and late game pressure to both survive long enough to develop a winning strategy and close out games. Rocket Augmerchant would have helped somewhat in the early game, but due to the draws occurring more often in the mid-to-late game, those early game options would not have been possible. On the other hand, Wisp ONLY really mattered in Game 10, and honestly felt like any card would have performed similarly. After reviewing my notes, I think that in a Wisp, Priestess of Elune, and Call of the Void situation I would instead choose the Call of the Void option as even with its variance, the reward feels a heck of a lot better than 60%. Additionally, see how Game 10 played out, I do believe that Trump might have still stabilized without the Wisp-Evil Genius play, though it would have been difficult as he would have been playing from behind for most of the game, so it could go either way.

  3. I had an insane warlock run a few days ago with scrap imp, shadow council, zephyrs, dagonqueen and overall really good quality cards

  4. 1:02:15 I see Thrall got bored of being a shaman and decided to reroll.
    Btw let me just say, the ending with Anduin's theme over Stormwind is your best one!

  5. That game vs hunter,u just ddint need to tirgger that secret,its sad how all that experiance went down to drain.

  6. Aa a returning veteran I gotta say those cardscores kinda take the magic/skill out of arena.

  7. hi Trump i've found something intriguing.
    Because of Dragon speaker we can make some op dragons.
    Barista lynchen,Ancient Brewmaster,and Youthful Brewmaster.
    can make any dragon op.
    my favorite one is Evasive Drakonid.
    in Libram paladin you can also use them
    on most minions in that deck already

  8. 41:07 am i crazy or should he have bumped his dragon to break the shield, felbolted, and then trade the demon in? Wost case scenario the felbolt kills his dragon anyway, but best case he gets a 4/2 body plus whatever he decides to play after.

  9. How do you get the tips that appear on top while he is drafting the deck and how to get the ratings on the bottom of the cards on mobile hearthstone .

  10. 19:35 — "I missed lethal didn't I?"
    Yes. Yes you did. Truuump, have you just gotten burnt out on Hearthstone or something? This kind of thing happens way too often, especially when it was just a case of adding 6 numbers together. 😛

  11. Oh my lord this actually makes me mad watching this draft , you took Cult Master in a class that passively draws cards ? You took shadow council ? A card that is actual trash in a non incredibly aggresive deck , AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH please Trump go watch any grinning goat arena runs please or the lightforged podcast, im not saying this to be mean man but jesus chrust learn the game mode i beg you , learn how classes play in arena and what you do and dont want to play around and expect , i actually just cant with you anymore in arena , it hurts me inside to watch this and makes me want to pull my hair out watching you make awful choices and not thinking about the deck as you build it and just listening to tier scores , please anyone that wants to be good at arena , look at your class and what kind of deck you are making , dont just pick the cards that have the highest tier score because you will lose so many game its unreal , and if you are wondering who am i to tell you how to draft , i average 5-7 wins with BAD decks and have over 4 thousand arena wins . please trump , either learn or stop teaching people bad habits in arena

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