PLAY NOTHING = FIRST PLACE! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — The ultimate meme finish you have been waiting for!
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41 thoughts on “PLAY NOTHING = FIRST PLACE! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. he didn't actually win with that The guy quit and it automatically makes you win but you still have to go through with the final battle and he sold all of his minions Don't believe him he's trying to make himself look good

  2. This video is just boring honestly.. oh wow divine shield poison murlocs.. AGAIN!! such exciting content to upload. Not to mention the silly title .
    Also he has the nerve to complain about bad RNG when rolling ' shouldnt I have gotten atleast 2 strongshell scavengers by now ' , after already have hit the jackpot with megasaur.

  3. You often say that you want to lose a round in the videos that I've watched. I tried to look up why, but didn't come up with anything. Does it have something to do with your matchup or what's the deal?

  4. battlegrounds should be updated more frequently than standard, all I see is same comps

  5. Damage hits and is absorbed by the divine shield, this triggers the affect on both murloc's since they both lost divine shield they both trigger the affect. It follows a consistent order.
    I could see the confusion for those thinking that the affect can't trigger because they already had divine shield and one can't pass over to the other, but both murloc's are losing it at the same time, the next order would be to give divine shield to each other. Not balanced but it follows the correct ordering

  6. make mackerel a tribeless 10/10 it can only be buffed after taunted

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  8. Another thing that could be improved on is how people are matched up. In 7 rounds Kripp faced Millhouse and Elise twice and didn't face Pyramad or Shudderwock until round 8 & 9. Elise had it rough, losing about half health to Kripp alone due to the matching (and also because of rushing to tier 3 early. Also leveling to tier 4 when up against Kripp, but not entirely sure since you can't see 8th place).

    I don't know, maybe Elise was just 'never lucky' having to face Kripp and Pyramad twice, but regardless facing the same person is either really good or really bad depending on how you matched up previously. Either it's an EZ win or 5:50

  9. They need to take Murlocs out of the game because it’s obvious people like Kripp cannot resist playing them every game. Divine shield poison murlocs are op. Honestly a board full of 1/1 murlocs with divine shield and poison could probably beat most builds. These murlocs have like 50/50 apiece. Remove them entirely and add pirates or elementals.

  10. > "the game pretty good in terms of balance"
    > people leaving lobby on mass when they see divine shielded poisonous murlocs

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