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This is definitely the easiest and fastest way to rank up on the wild ladder in 2020. 100% win rate obviously and so fast you can not believe it. If there is a single deck you want to play from Rank 20 to Rank 1 legend, it is this one…

No in all honesty this deck is horrible and you should not play it at all. Both the title and the first part of the description is just a meme and should not be taken seriously. One guy in chat said I should title the video like this and I liked the idea so here we are :p

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Testing how tags in the description affect the views of the video. In theory all the words in here help to rank the video and show it to more people so lets try this.

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21 thoughts on “Play This Deck to Rank Up Fast in Hearthstone | Solem

  1. To clear the confusion half of you have. The title is meant to be a JOKE. I dont know if this was THAT HARD to realize but this deck is not meant to be played to rank up fast…
    I actually feel bad that I have to address this. Anyhows, take this heart <3

  2. Ah yes, I'll just make this 14 legendary deck to rank up real quick.

    (I know the title is a joke, and I am now hearing Solem make this exact joke in the vid, but I'm keeping this up)

  3. I love your hearthstone content but your ignorance on coronavirus is unbearable to listen, it is much more serious than you think Solem

  4. can someone help me? how did you recognize a playable dragonqueen alexstrasza on 23:36 and not a playable one 21:27? okay i m colorblind so if its something with colors pls don t be rude. if its cause the tracker i m just stupid

  5. Idk why this guy popped up on my recommendation list but I like hearthstone so i figured what the heck. But every time i’m focused at the game this guy throws up some fcking budget, some random picture in Paint, and his mf forehead. This guy is so full of himself i mean damn i just want to watch hs and hear you talk about hs but all you do is mumble like some a grandma god damn i’m so pissed at yt’s recommendation

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