Playing Pirates Perfection w/ Patches! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | Savjz

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21 thoughts on “Playing Pirates Perfection w/ Patches! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | Savjz

  1. This isn't a nitpick but I found it really funny how the editor spelled Savjz wrong in the intro

  2. I always enjoy when I watch your videos ❤👍👍 thank you so much for uploading your latest videos in YouTube sir 👍❤

  3. Wow, what are you even paying this editor for? A GOOD editor would have recreated every missed frame in MS Paint to smooth things out

  4. It’s pretty cool they designed patches around the way he functions in the game. He ends games early if he gets on a roll and hits the right cards early.

  5. I get the same FPS drops randomly too. Its been happening since the previous patch, I think its something from Hearthstone's end. Sometimes restarting works

  6. A lot of lags since the last patch. Too much units. Elementals are going to crash the game

    ( Sry for my English)

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