Playing The Odds | Hearthstone | Ashes Of Outland

Decklist: AAECAf0EHvqsA5+bA/SrA427A4oB/KMDqwS/pAPLBO0Ew7gD8qUDhLYDjQjhtgPsrwPcvgPJA/CvA6GhA5KkA4SnA97EA6CbA4ukA8UEkbEDip4DwqEDjLYDAAA=

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Streamed on 2020-05-22
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16 thoughts on “Playing The Odds | Hearthstone | Ashes Of Outland

  1. hehe Allie pretty nice You said polish nick name xD 🙂 Im from poland and it make me laugh and happy ;D try to say that "chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie w Szczebrzeszynie"" on next vid plsss :))))) fan <3

  2. Lol. The thumbnail looks like she touched her head after her friend found a bald spot.

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