PlugY Install Guide 2019 - Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction

— PlugY installation guide v10.00 (most common)

Subscribe and stay updated! In the future I have plans on updating this guide to the latest version, I just really wanted to get the most common version 10 out of the way for some players.

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✔️D2SE client


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28 thoughts on “PlugY Install Guide 2019 — Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction

  1. Leave your feedback down below and if you haven't already please consider subscribing, you will get notified If I ever decide to update this guide in the future. 👊✌ Thanks for watching!

  2. Is anyone getting an error message after closing diablo 2 saying "An exception (C000000D) occurred during DIIEntryPoint or DIIMain in module: C:Users……..Diablo IIglide3x.dII" ???? Everything seems to work fine just an annoying error message upon closing

  3. Thanks a lot haver, its working :))) I even managed to save my older character from my previous installation. yeeeea (Copied the char files to the d2se installation save folder)

  4. After closing the game I get an error regarding glide3x.dll and i click ok i get another one that says unhandled exception. Did I do something wrong? Im pretty sure I followed everything

  5. Can we use Plugy with 1.14d ? I don't understand the end of the toturial. When I run plugy, the version is 1.13. I should retry everything to get this working with 1.14d?

  6. Hi thank you for this video! Really helpful (I know its quite old but I'm hoping you can assist!) When I enter 800×600 resolution there is an odd graphical glitch on the lowest 5th portion of so of the screen. In this section, the graphics are a bit crazy. The cursor and other bits in the section jump around a lot. Wandering whether this is something you have come across?

  7. Hi there — I think I may be the one person that can't get this to work. There is a clear problem when i extract the ISO files, there are a few files missing, including D2SE and GAME. No wonder it can't launch. Has anyone ever heard of this issue??? i was so hopeful when i found this video…

  8. I love when guides skip over shit. You have to download the D2SE client too. Thanks for not explaining that. Fuck. Whys it so gd hard to make a good guide? Why tf can't any nerd ever explain shit well?

  9. The mod works fine but everytime I exit the game I get 2 error messages regarding glide3d.dll. Does anyone know if I can do something about them? They are very annoying after a while.

  10. How do I install my save files from D2 into plugy? Which file shall I put the saves in to prompt them to run or is that not possible due to all saves being on Blizzard's 1.14 version? PLEASE GOD HELP A GUY

  11. I followed this video step by step and I can’t get the thing to run. Every time I try launching it gives me a DLL error. I guess ima uninstall it all and see if the second time around works

  12. Really great vid, just one questions tho, I'm currently playing without Plugy, if I want to get Plugy will I lose all my progress and characters since I have to delete the game from my programmes?

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