Post Buff Libram Paladin: This Time for Sure!  Standard | Hearthstone

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The meta top dogs got nerfed and Libram Paladin was buffed so this is the perfect opportunity for this deck to shine!

Deck Code: AAECAZ8FAvy4A4TBAw7cA4iuA5CuA5uuA5yuA422A8i4A8q4A/u4A/24A+q5A+u5A+y5A8rBAwA=


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♬ Kevin MacLeod
♬ Ronald Jenkees


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47 thoughts on “Post Buff Libram Paladin: This Time for Sure! Standard | Hearthstone

  1. Seems like Imprisoned sungill is just too slow. Might be better to swap it out for call to adventure

  2. Blizzard was worrying that Trump wasn't getting their subtle hints to not play Libram Paladin so they sent a more direct hint.

  3. Climbing is so easy now, like 70% are using this stupid deck, free wins lol

  4. This is my favorite of your videos. That moment when you’re soul just… breaks. Keep going brave warrior. FOR JUSTiCE!!

  5. That music at the start of the video is so nostalgic for me… it's from Crash Bandicoot Tag Team Racing 2.. I thought I was going insane when I heard it at the beginning! Mad respect editor.

  6. Dear Mobile Gamers,

    Stop that.

    People who want games not to suck

  7. I've spent all my arcane dust into a Libram Deck and this video shows exactly how it goes every single time

    And I'm impressed that even here and in a sponsor announcement I see a JoJo reference

  8. 100% of the streamers I’ve watched play this deck in the last day have tried to buff the Evasive Wyrm.

  9. Should've used the double consecration it was literally the misspelled. That thing was a winning card generator

  10. At this point I'm not sure if the buff did nothing or Trump just suck. That priest match was painful to watch.

  11. Opponent: has 9 cards in hand and a value generator on board
    Trump: it looks like the opponent is running out of stuff!

  12. Imagine not double consecrating a veilweaver plus other cards for 3 turns and instead just throwing other cards down the drain until you have nothing

  13. Dear Trump, I want to say something from the heart, it is meant honestly and only reflects my opinion. It shouldn't hurt or insult you.

    I've been watching your streams on Twitch and Youtube for 4 or 5 years now, and I feel like you are no longer "my" Trump. A lot has changed, that's what life should be about. But to me you look like you've lost yourself a little. Your intro with "The Mad Man" doesn't suit you, any more than the "Dragon Army" scenario played at that time suited Kibbler while he was hugging his stupid dog. I know that it's about somehow binding people to yourself. You are a personable person who has won my trust through his funny and sometimes clumsy nature but intelligence gameplay. You are truly a good player and i like your streams still now.

    But the wrong guiding principles "Mad Men" do not suit you or the role you have currently devised for us. I still love that you just try out many decks and not just show your top matches like other streamers where you win. You don't have to just show your wins, and you should also be embarrassed to lose. Should the stupid children think of the other streamers that they are top players without loses, but the winning statistics of them look the same as yours. It's just that there are few archetypes that have more than 60% winrate. Is completely normal and not surprising with an RNG card game. Bad cards draw equal to losing the match.

    I just want to remind you of your old days, of your courage, of the person where you really are. You are not and will not be a MAD MEN, but you do not have to. There is nothing wrong with being a nice and happy and sometimes clumsy person. Find yourself again and I really want that: for me and for you. Cheers!!

  14. I feel like Pure is gonna need some serious help in the next set to become a thing on ladder.

  15. Hey Trump! You convinced me to play this deck and I’ve been trying it for about an hour now. Do you want me to send you some tips on how to play it?

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