PURE DANCE SKILLS! No Build At All?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Forget builds, just dance for your Battlegrounds wins!
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31 thoughts on “PURE DANCE SKILLS! No Build At All?! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Not sure if anyone else is getting this bug, but if your opponent leaves the match right as youre battling them you get disconnected from the match as well. Ive had this happen a few times and can be really annoying.

  2. Where are these people he plays? I play this mode and by the time I can tier up to 5 theres already atleast one person with a board full of 50/50 poisonous divine shields.

  3. That game did have a build, it was just a less well known build called the battlecry build. People usually think that battlecry is actually just menagerie but it's its own build that just so happens to go well with menagerie. Deryl goes great with the battlecry build as it causes you to sell a lot of minions, allowing you do buff up a few things before playing the menagerie. It's why the Brann hero is so powerful. He's basically battlecry deryl except he gets half the buffs but they confirmed go onto a minion he wants.

  4. anyone else noticed how lightfang buffs appear with different icons on the minions for each buff

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