PUT YOUR FAITH IN THE ZERUS?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Zerus is quite the gem, but it seems only Tirion can properly wield him now.
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25 thoughts on “PUT YOUR FAITH IN THE ZERUS?! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Kripp: you CANNOT afford to float 3 gold no matter what
    Also Kripp: constantly rerolls 6+ gold to get absolutely nothing

    Stop treating gold like it's the most rare commodity in the game. Yeah obviously it's useful, and you don't want to just throw it away, but a LOT of the time, just holding onto a card for the future is a good strategy and you SEVERELY underplay that strategy.

  2. Hello Kripp,
    you can also use your health as resource (4:37). If you picke demons first and than triple Wrath Weaver, you will get 1 or 2 more dmg, but bigger floating watcher. Could be worthwhile, especially since you are almost at max HP.

  3. Tirion is just very consistent. He might not win all the time, but he will usually be high up there.

  4. That's ridiculous. I wouldn't attempt this even with Tirion as the game already has too much RNG as it is. Besides, I'm not a streamer so no streamer RNG luck for me…

  5. At 5:15 Kripp could have bought the two demons and played them before tripling to get +4/+4 on the watcher

  6. Zerus should be able to transform into Nightmare Amalgam, bringing it back, but with a twist to it!!!

  7. Kripp needs that app that Firebat and Purple use, that shows exactly how likely each fight is to end before it happens so he finally stops complaining every fight how unlucky he was.

  8. I just put my faith in Zerus. It immediately turned into Momma Bear.
    I was having a nightmare Tirion run (no neutrals, no demons, no triples, bad matchups) which morphed into a weird Beast run…only git 5th but I was resigned to 8th…

  9. Yeah, it's possible that Zerus turns itself in Zerus, it happened to me once, I lost becsuse of this -_-

  10. I've played a game where I bought 2 Shifters, and the first one turned into Zapp immediately, and the second turned into a Zapp as Bob offered me a third. Think that was the game where I earned my 14-kill streak.

  11. Simce you play that much kripp and tou dive into the mechanics tell me this! Why while everyone else play somethings else except murlos and i play murlocs the pool mechanics force me to play what everyone else play and murlocs are completly dissapeared from the pool… Been playing last night 4 games with murlocs and till tier 5 i barely had murlocs to buy! So wtf blizzard is doing

  12. Click bait title. Should have been luckiest first few turns ever. No skill required when you get draws like that.

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