🌱Quest Druid🌱 Is OP Again?! | Ashes Of Outlands | Hearthstone

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Quest Druid Is OP Again! | Ashes Of Outlands | Hearthstone

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#ashes of outlands

📝Deck Code📝
# Class: Druid
# Format: Standard
# Year of the Phoenix
# 2x (0) Innervate
# 2x (1) Crystal Power
# 1x (1) Untapped Potential
# 2x (1) Worthy Expedition
# 2x (2) Crystal Merchant
# 1x (2) Ironbark
# 2x (2) Rising Winds
# 2x (2) Wrath
# 1x (2) Zephrys the Great
# 1x (3) Archspore Msshi’fn
# 2x (3) Bogbeam
# 2x (5) Anubisath Defender
# 2x (5) Oasis Surger
# 2x (5) Starfall
# 2x (6) Hidden Oasis
# 2x (6) Nourish
# 1x (9) Cenarius
# 1x (9) Ysera, Unleashed
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone
# Generated by HDT — https://hsreplay.net


12 thoughts on “🌱Quest Druid🌱 Is OP Again?! | Ashes Of Outlands | Hearthstone

  1. I’ve been playing quest Druid for a few weeks now and it’s so sleeper I’m destroying at diamond rn

  2. Hey! 🙂 is there a replacement for cenarius or should I craft him if I want to play this deck? Ty in advance

  3. 13:00 Even the game is rigged against you by shuffling zephyrs and hidden oasis around so you could miss click — —

  4. I really like that this one is not quest Malygos. I lost to bullshit just the other day because the Malygos got discounted by the dormant Satyr and he copied it with the spell that gives it taunt. I died to just both Moonfires. It was so stupid… Oh! It's called Germination!

  5. Did Rob say Reno could cast twisting nether or spreading plague to clear the board? One of those is not even in standard anymore, and if doesn't clear board.

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