Quest Warrior Is Secretly OP! | Ashes Of Outlands | Hearthstone

Quest Warrior has performed like an absolute UNIT! Swinging in at a 64% winrate over 50 games is crazy powerful for an off-meta deck you never see at all.

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24 thoughts on “Quest Warrior Is Secretly OP! | Ashes Of Outlands | Hearthstone

  1. Man looking at the priest match up , you had 2 alextraza to try to win that game…. Like you need that much of an advantage to beat priest which I think is ridiculous. Everytime I play like a fun deck ( in your case quest warrior) against a priest I feel like it's just depressing because the amount of removal you have to bait and play through just feels unfun to play against. Sry for the rant,I've been playing hearthstone only since last year and subscribe to you because of how you bring a fun deck and make it somewhat competitive against the meta , keep up the great work 😁👍

  2. i've been feeling really down recently w/ stuff going on but your gameplay always puts a smile on my face; thanks for always being cool Rob

  3. I could literally feel his soul being drained when he was playing against that priest.

    I feel your pain, brother.

  4. I crafted death wing by mistake cause i loved hearing his intro now am making this deck and throwing him in there

  5. If you keep this up (and always include a bomb dance) you're top tier on my list of hearthstone players (out of ~15) good luck 😀

  6. I’m loving this deck, waited almost a year for hack the system to be kinda good hahaha

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