Quit LOSING Arena Drops.. Do THIS

In this video, I walk you through how to win the drop and landing in Fortnite Season 3. Live commentary in arena for both safe and hot drops!

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My name is Cole and I run this channel alongside my brother Josh. We try to keep the channel family friendly so everyone can watch. Josh and I ran track/cross country in college. We are both graduated now and plan to keep producing as much content as possible. Thank you all for taking the time to watch our videos and support us!
— Cole

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45 thoughts on “Quit LOSING Arena Drops.. Do THIS

  1. About to be posting videos every other day for the next 2 months. Thanks everybody for support on the content lately but there's a lot in the works right now! Big couple months ahead

  2. What if you dont have a gun and someone else does you break the floor and they charge shotgun you. what do you do?

  3. rody: if you haven't scouted out your drop…

    Me whos memorised the whole of lazy just by landing there: intense sweating noises

  4. rody: he's going towards flopper pond…

    me knowing flopper pond is at holly and he's in lazy

  5. Rodey bros your settings are amazing for lazering people however the little 2% boost makes me overflick my shotgun shots what should I do ?

  6. You're losing out on shield by eating coconuts so fast slow down And let them fully heal you before you eat another one

  7. When you play aren do you go against people with the device you play on (I play on mobile) or is it against everything

  8. nice video however in arena never hot drop unless your sure your going to get out of there in good shape i would recommend dropping somewhere near to a poi

    so that you can loot up without worrying about getting griefed by 4 people and later on get easy kills (if you have decent mechanics and game sense) the real trouble is division 7 contender league thats where you need to be careful.

  9. Anyone want to trio up with me looking for two people who have good communication and would play in tournaments and arena with me

  10. Bro could you react to my montage on my channel. I play on 190 and higher ping. In THAT montage i wasnt playing good but i wanted to post a montage desperately

  11. It was all good till they took my drop out the game btw it was the boat next to risky

  12. Please Can you Coach Me

    I want to play trios with my Friends but I am not good enough and they always kick me from their party

  13. Really trying to figure out why you ran around with splashes for so long instead of just getting to almost 200.

  14. You only need ''lootlake.info'' if you are bad at remembering were every loot spawns, i never used it and i still know were the chests,floor loot etc. is.. So basically it's only in the video to get atleast a 10minutes video 😉

  15. I love how clean you play and whenever you do something you tell us why and then what to do next, thanks for the help

  16. Champs division of fortnite isn’t considered fortnite to me. It’s box camping til’ the final circle and then it’s a fight to the death that is completely RNG based. I hate competitive fortnite. It’s boring af and no fun to watch.

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