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Back in 2019 I rated every legendary minion in Hearthstone and because we got a lot more cards now (358 legendaries in total), better quality and motivation we have to farm the views I mean talk about it again. The video might be a little brighter than usual, was messing with the brightness settings (maybe a little too much)

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When it comes to raiting these cards I had 5 different tiers they can be placed in. S-Tier are cards that are safe crafts, high in power level and basically just straight up borken. A-Tier are legendaries that make your deck better when included and should be considered to be crafted. B-Tier are for cards that either enable combos, deck archetypes or are overall solid. Not needed but wont hurt to have them. C-Tier is almost a safe disenchant, cards that you keep cause you enjoy playing them, mediocre power level and D-Tier is just Dust

It took around 4 hour to make this video and it was a lot of fun, time well spent. If you read this please let me know what your favorite Song is atm. One of my fav artists just released a new song and it has been on repeat all day. Jake Hill — All Along. A true Banger

The whole list: https://imgur.com/a/UIMERna

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45 thoughts on “Rating Every Legendary in Hearthstone | Solem

  1. Now review all D rank legendaries and where they could be used :DDDD

  2. What do you think should I rather play?
    Highlander Galakrond Rogue
    Or Highlander Rogue with Valeera the Hollow?

  3. I agree. Tess Greymane isn't a GREAT card — it's very niche. It plays a lot like Shudderwock, but you need to actually make the effort to play the cards you obtain from other classes, which is sometimes a joke considering the odd randomness that is those cards (give your silver hand recruits divine shield, for example.) But, when it works — it's amazing. It's game changing. But Tess can have some betrayal or suicide moments (like Yogg Saron).

    I can't bring myself to dust her, though. She's so fun. She has been my win condition for too long :'(

  4. I like the concept of the video, but I would have taken a half hour video with your full thoughts over a 16 minute video where I pause every couple seconds because there're several cards suddenly skipped over and added in.

  5. Next time do standard and wild, because a standard player dont want to saw legendary cards that he dont knwo nothing abot them

  6. Azalina in C is bad enough. But fucking Oakheart? One of the most powerful effects of all time, have you ever played this game?

    My god it gets worse. Keleseth in B, Sunkeeper Tarim, possibly the card with the single strongest effect ever printed- one of the top two cards in one of the only s tier decks of all time- not even in the top three tiers?

    Honestly you're entertaining, but you might have a learning disability

  7. Complete garbage, Gruul is S Tier! <3 (Yogg too and he will have his revenge on you soon)

  8. Should have definetly done a large video or part 1 and part 2 because this felt too rushed and I just couldn't watch it. Nevertheless, I like the recent content and just keep up the good work man !

  9. What about doing the ranking separate on your next video, based on respective expansions so that we can read and see what cards are where. You could link time stamps for each expansion in description if you ever decided to do it this way.

    Yours sincerely, Micky McO'DohertyMahonyO'connel

  10. Solem can you do this Tier list for the epics as well? I am thinking you could split it up into a couple of videos! These videos make it easy to figure out what is a safe disenchant! Like if you would watch it! 🙂

  11. Tak is viable in Galakrond Rogue, without Pogo Hopper, if you draw him for Zero Mana you can refresh your hand, while you defend yourself with lakys and stuff, imagine getting Gronks in Hand a couple of times while you have the needed zero Mana cards to get of that combo from Galakrond. For me it's a B Because of Gala Rogue

  12. I think Siamat is better than rated. Also Dragonqueen Alexstrazza is worth running in highlander decks, but probably more of an A or B tier. It's a win-more card and if you're behind, it's just a hail mary play.

  13. I never understand why thanos (*1spell damage and deathrattle draw a card*) is tier B. Only warlock use that! I think Tainted Zealot better choise in wild than thanos.

  14. Hi Solem! I like the Deathstalker Rexxar, but I don't know as well as you the wild set… Could you help me build a meta wild deck with this card? It would be nice and greatful! Thank you!

  15. Hey man,can you also make a video for the best epic cards,the best rare cards and also the best commond cards,keep up the great job!

  16. So I can't even see the cards on my huge pc monitpr and I talk to fast that i could only understand like 2 cards. On top of that shouldn't this be like a beginner to mid amatuer player trying to know what to craft? Sorry man awful video. Unsubscribed sorry

  17. I would like to see the original edit of this video, where you go through every legendary, still a great video to watch though

  18. In my opinion I think Hadronox would be in A becouse of ''infinit'' wall, if you have a good combo. Something like: Revive Hadronox with Witching hour, then immediately use carnivorous cube and if cube suvives you use germination to coppy it. I made deck and even this deck isn't still perfect (becouse no dusts) I can create six extra copies of Hadronox. ( My deck is combination Quest druid and Wall druid)

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