Reaper of Souls Monk Build Guide For Level 70! (Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Monk Tutorial)

Monk guide for level 70 Monks in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. This is a build guide for the class that I have been enjoying a ton.

This video covers everything you need to know about building a level 70 Lightning Monk. I go over all Skills I use on my Monk, as well as all the Runes, Passives, and possible changes you might want to make.

▶ Level 70 Demon Hunter Build |
▶ Level 70 Barbarian Build |
▶ Level 70 Wizard Build |
▶ Level 70 Witch Doctor Build |
▶ Level 70 Monk Build |
▶ Level 70 Crusader Build |

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26 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls Monk Build Guide For Level 70! (Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Monk Tutorial)

  1. i have no clue how u level up so fast. I have a lvl 37 monk who runs way of a hubdred fists (lightening strike) and lashing tail kick (sweeping armada)
    serenity (unwelcome sonething or other) dashing strike (quicksilver) mystic ally (water ally) abd mantra of conviction (the first rune) i beat diablo no problem (hes such a pushover just like every boss) and yea. I clearly need to level up xD

  2. im new to this game and i just want to thank you bro for the build i subbed and liked the vid you can expect me to be showing you channel lots of more love.

  3. Hm yeah Monk is epic, but Witch Doctor I got bored of really quick. I love Wizard Crusader Monk and Demon Hunter.

  4. Deadly Reach sucks ass man Seriously. My Vacuum Monk DPS build rolls over this build.

  5. How does he have over 700000 with dual wielding?  As soon as I take off my two hander I lose like 200,000 dps

  6. Hey Lowko do you Have a ny Recommendation for a Monk Healer build that will be good for Solo as well as co-op?

  7. thanks bro. this helped a lot. i have a monk 120+ and my dps is around 300k. yours is amazing for having a 700k dps and its dual wield. guess i have to fix my skill and my equips. subscribed.

  8. il say the best moves in lvl 70 wave of light pillar of the anciets. Blinding flash strengh. Mystic ally enduring allie. Dashing strike stun. And crippling waves

  9. I have a 2handed sword that does an explosion of poison about 3000% damage but it supports poison, monk doesnt have poison skills

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