Reckless Rocketeer Priest - the Next Rank 1 Legend Deck ft. Zananananan | Firebat Hearthstone | AoO

This deck is pretty silly.

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25 thoughts on “Reckless Rocketeer Priest — the Next Rank 1 Legend Deck ft. Zananananan | Firebat Hearthstone | AoO

  1. they keep saying 4 card combo.. Rocketeer, Embalming, Grave Runes, Shadowy +? something to kill your minions to resummon more is what I thought, embalm resummons one and grave resummons 2 so each minion would summon 3 for a total of 6 plus the initial hit of 5 + 2 so the damage is 42 damage if you can kill your 2 embalmed/runed minions.. yeah? so it is a 5 card combo? like 5 card for full combo and obv lesser combo available for less damage. if you have minions to trade in to then the combo costs 10 and deals 35 with a single reduction on all pieces. if you reduce a single piece twice and breath of infinite twice then you can do the full 42. or am i doing bad math or over simplifying or misunderstanding something? thanks good luck otk'ing out there! ««` edit i pea brained somehow and it is 37 damage max, but still i consider it 5 card for max, end edit. ««`

  2. Lol I mean they played against some shitty opponents. I'd be curious to see it against some of the top meta stuff

  3. Mobile pleb in the military, I don't have my PC with me, can someone copy the deck list into the comments so I can copy it lol

  4. Looks like a fun combo. Might try to run it in a highlander shell; it'd be a bit clunky, but would give a nice win condition option instead of just fatiguing the opponent (in control vs control). Maybe plate breaker tech for the armour warriors, if they become popular enough. Guess it'd be a question of what to cut for the combo pieces, and if there's enough wiggle room to keep you alive against aggro (zephyrs would help with that)

  5. I pretty much exclusively played this deck before HoF. So much fun, and is actually a pretty flexible combo with loose requirements and high max damage potential. Theoretically the rocketeer in place of leeroy wouldn't hurt that much, but the bigger problem is losing zilliax. Still have yet to play the new version of it though…

  6. How do they except to kill off their 2/2 deathrattle guy for 30 damage? It needs to run into something or get removed, right?

  7. "That's it, we're removing all charge minions from the game, forever" — Blizzard probably

  8. "this deck is insane"
    they say as they play against one opponent that conceded against a few bombs and another that dealt 15 damage to himself. Yeah, I'll need some better examples lmao.

  9. It kind of sucks that for Galakrond cards, you have to have Galakrond in your deck to activate; with C'Thun cards, you could play the 2/3 and the 2/1 to activate the warrior 7 mana 6/6 that gives you ten armor without having the big man in your deck

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