Reinventing Zoolock | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

Scrap Imp Shadow Council Nomi Heal Discard Zoo Warlock.

Deck Code: AAECAf0GAoQB0pkDDjCcAvUF9wzYmAOInQO1nwP9pAP9pwO1uQO2uQPHuQPIuQPevgMA

00:00 Deck
02:31 Mage
05:33 Spell Druid
10:52 Highlander Mage


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42 thoughts on “Reinventing Zoolock | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone


  2. i liked the no care at the start of the channel now it look like no care of us man but anyway i m sure u no care…

  3. Your pathetic magic betrayed you in that first game. The laugh was worth it, though =).

  4. I was trying a variant of this a few days ago, same idea different 1 drops and no chef nomi. needless to say it went horribly

  5. I knew as soon as I saw that secret come off Magic Trick. He knew you were about to play buffed stuff, even if he didn't know about the Shadow Council. Should have expected that line.

  6. I always wondered why more people don't play Mirror entity. Nobody plays around it

  7. I was skeptical calling this zoolock since it doesn't have minions that outright change the board or trade efficiently, but it's a continuation of that strategy in a weird way. Board control through minions -> win with overwhelming tempo on the board. Interesting win conditions.

  8. but is it worth it? seems cool though. The last time I could play Chef was the murloc deck

  9. I honestly have no idea why no one was running shadow council in GM. It seems like such a strong card. You can easily luck out and win a game on turn 2.

    Also love seeing you take advantage of the video 'chapters'. Good function and I like it.

  10. I love seeing creative warlock decks, they're more entertaining than any other deck out there.

  11. Should've played shadow Council before conceding, it could've filled your hand with voidwalkers

  12. The most creative hearthstone youtuber. I have watching your videos for a year and you never failed to fascinate and entertain me. Thanks for all your efforts buddy!

  13. there's just so many fliks and renos and zephrys's's giving shadow word Ruins around on ladder that adding Nomi to any deck list just feels like setting up for crushing disappointment at the end of every game

  14. This is the reason you should try building your own decks..After Dia 5 you'll see the same boring decks on and on again

  15. don't feel bad about getting killed by your own pit lord last night i killed a malagos lock with his own malagos + x2 rain of fire on the turn he was about to win now thats got to sting

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