Reliquary Shaman | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

This Priest card is sick in Shaman.

Deck Code: AAECAaoICIEE/gWKlAOQpwPosAPmtwPkuAOTwgMLnAL/BbIGrZEDu60D57ADgbED27gDk7kDl7kDmLkDAA==

00:00 Deck
01:32 Spell Mage
22:19 Pirate Warrior


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23 thoughts on “Reliquary Shaman | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. AAECAaoICIEE/gWKlAOQpwPosAPmtwPkuAOTwgMLnAL/BbIGrZEDu60D57ADgbED27gDk7kDl7kDmLkDAA==

  2. They should give spell mage 3mana distroy your opponents weapon and summon a random 2 drop

  3. That taunt totem maneuver was hell of a play.
    19:20 Probably missed lethal if only the secret was flame guard or ice barrier.
    Too bad we didn't discover what secret it was.
    Edit: after checking decktracker, the secret was from his deck and it was 99% either flame guard or ice barrier. Another good play by Daddy Chump.

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