Reno Deck Building - Episode 2 (Reno Druid)

Each episode focuses on a different class using the Reno package to showcase their strengths. This episode highlights Reno Druid in wild Hearthstone. (re-upload due to audio issues) — 10% all purchases

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23 thoughts on “Reno Deck Building — Episode 2 (Reno Druid)

  1. — plays emperor Thaurissan
    — "wait, does he think I'm a combo deck?"

    I mean…

  2. I just assume any priest is razakus. Big priest is extremely uncommon. Nerf to Barnes basically ended it, and then Raza returned to former self.

  3. Dane if you're going to reupload episode 2 I think you owe us an episode 3 sometime in the future :))

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