RENO GETS RICH!! Did I Hit the Perfect Golden Upgrade?? | Battlegrounds | Hearthstone

Reno’s hero power «Gonna Be Rich!» allows us to make any friendly minion golden — but only once a game — so it’s important to choose wisely!

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Battlegrounds | Hearthstone | RENO GETS RICH!! Did I Hit the Perfect Golden Upgrade??


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32 thoughts on “RENO GETS RICH!! Did I Hit the Perfect Golden Upgrade?? | Battlegrounds | Hearthstone

  1. see thumbnail and title
    Hmmm, maybe, ill just mouse over it to glance early in the build
    instantly shows baron getting golded
    ahh fs enn

  2. Quite a missplay at the end, mamabear is kind of irrelevant that late. And buffing goldrin the great wolf to 14/14 was plain stupid, because it didn't die. U shuld have played gastcoiler, sell mama, dierehorn, sell, play greatwolf, and yor board would have been quite a lot stronger

  3. I use the reno power on a rat pack not realizing it was once per game. Won that game so it's not an outrageous thought

  4. I think a handbuff hero would be cool. 1 mana, give everything in your hand +1 /+1. Cards like brewmaster and shattered sun cleric would be cool too, if a little busted lol

  5. My first time on Reno, picked up Zerus the Shifter when I upgraded to 3 stars. I golded Razorgore the next turn :D.

  6. nah pretty sure I did earlier today, got a Zerus on a tier 2 triple Red Whelp, waited 2 turns, shifted into Kalecgos. Ended the game with 50+ stats on all 6 dragons I was running.

  7. Totems would be a great April fool's joke, but on a serious note, why haven't we gotten Drakkari Enchanter yet?

  8. Omg, That last fight made me get a heart attack XD was so scared! Good job tho! Amazing videos and lots to learn from them 😀

  9. Deathrattle Build (left to right):
    Golden unstable ghoul
    Kaboom bot (golden or not)
    Rat pack (golden or not)
    Maexxna/spawn of n'zoth (golden or not)
    Baron Rivendare (golden or not)

    The Unstable ghoul kills the rat pack and summons all the rats, all the rats get buffed by goldrin by +16/+16 (+24/+24 if you have golden Baron)
    Saw on reddit, not my build but it's pretty fun nonetheless

  10. wait: Wolf gives +4/+4 and Baron double (4*2=8), golden wolf +8/+8 (8*2=16), BUT HE DO Golden Baron trieple (4*3=12) = WHY He get golden Baron?

  11. The funniest moment of video is, when guy looked like bran say that perfect entity for reno is bran
    Dont you think the same?
    P.S. love your videos!!!

  12. tripple baron and keeps playing trash beast build…. so much potential missed with all those egg and mech renimator and bombs

  13. Do you come from a religious familly ? "Oh god" "Oh lord" "oh good lord", "OMG", "let's pray", "thanks god", "thanks the lord" and so on and so on…
    Ok this is "common language" but it's painfull at the end 😀 especially when you're not native english speaker 😉

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