RENO = INSTANT GOLDEN BARON! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — The late game Reno power is real… difficult to pull off.
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29 thoughts on “RENO = INSTANT GOLDEN BARON! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. 10:36 You could've freezed and made a good board of divine shields, mechs and Mackarel by buying Cobalt and Selfless hero.
    15:42 you had to put the scavanger to the right of the egg.

  2. I won't watch the video where Kripp makes Zerus golden on board. In fact I might skip multiple videos, or unsubscribe. Cancer is not entertaining.

  3. Kripp is wrong. Cobalt is not so common, and everyone plays the new crap, dragons are finishing on top consistently.

  4. It's amazing to me that kripp can play a golden baron deathrattle build and somehow still be carried by divine shield poisonous murlocs

  5. How in heck with how much bgs kripp plays does he not know about the double mackerel interaction yet? Excuse?

  6. Reno Jackson is in the latest edition actually a dragon and a blue one too

  7. Having finally played a few games as Reno, he's a lot of fun as a high risk high reward hero. If you can survive early and get your hands on a choice 5 star card, you basically become unstoppable. Lightfang is a lot of fun with him, since your just-playing-to-survive team comp can get massive and sweep the whole game without too much further development.

  8. I'm getting sick of all these Post Malone commercials. The guy has tattoos under each eyeball. He's a piece of garbage. Stop idolizing him.

  9. Reno is fucking awful. Literally the only reason to ever pick him is if your other choices are total shit, like Patches or Jaraxxus. And even then… maybe.

  10. Reno work well with Zerus, if lady luck smile upon you it can be pretty insane.

  11. Who's going to win, an entire forest of beasts and horrors, or two fishy bois?

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