Reno Reno Mage RANK 1 LEGEND Deck?! | Standard | Hearthstone

So many classes! So many Highlander opportunities! Deck code: …


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37 thoughts on “Reno Reno Mage RANK 1 LEGEND Deck?! | Standard | Hearthstone

  1. Way off the mark on Res Priest, the Galakrond + Grave Rune build is by far the strongest. It’s also the most popular, so not really ‘interesting’ in that sense.

  2. Trumps ability to get a nice, fresh and good looking hair cut, and to then proceed to wear it so it looks the most scuffed it possibly can, will forever amaze me.

  3. I consider myself formally, aggressively accosted to watch more Trump

  4. Priest should ditch the Galakrond package and play the Quest again. It's so much better even if your opponent plays around it. So you play the Albatross Grave Rune package with the quest it's the best version imo.

  5. Blizzard, fix the HEX bug on MOBILE FOR GOD SAKE!
    its impossible to play when you kill the frog, the game crash instantly!

  6. Isn't there any other viable mage deck? Aren't we just a little bored with highlander all the time? Snore.

  7. I tried to make this deck but the amazing reno card doesn't exist I cant craft it

  8. At first I was like this must be the reno's riches deck that yo uget for free… then I count 11 legendaries.

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