Replay - Disaster Day of Crisis

Game Informer’s Andrew Reiner, Jeff Cork, and Kyle Hilliard are joined by Elise Favis, the newest associate editor, for a look at a game that didn’t come to North America – but maybe it should have.


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36 thoughts on “Replay — Disaster Day of Crisis

  1. You guys do know it was released in Europe so you didn't have to play the game with Japanese text and could've had English text.

  2. OMG so insensitive to be showing this today after what just happened. Unsubscribed :-(. And reported.

  3. Fun fact! Liquid hot magma is too dense for you to sink into. You'd just be rolling around on it burning alive. The more you know!

    2. PLEASE don't talk over the cutscenes! Especially with the lack of English subtitles, it was very hard to tell what they were saying, and getting into the dumb story makes the payoff of it's dumbness all the more dumb/great!

  5. This is like the gaming equivalent of those crappy Canadian made-for-TV disaster miniseries they have on Netflix, and I mean that as a compliment. The daft characters and ridiculous plot are guaranteed entertainment. Also the special effects quality is about the same.

  6. My spirit Pokemon's Snorelax. Because I'm a lazy dude who does nothing but sleep and eat.

  7. Strange the fan who sent this in went out of his way to get the Japanese version (and the matching Wii). This game was also released in Europe in full English. If you legitimately considering this as a super replay, consider getting that version. Otherwise, fun replay!

  8. Next replay, how about Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy? I think you guys would enjoy it. Or hate it, idk

  9. Some replay suggestions: earthworm jim 2, condemned, max Payne 2, bioshock, jet moto, burnout 3 or revenge, streets of rage 2, ninja gaiden 1 or 2 ( reboots).

  10. Why wouldn't he give the guy his other hand at the beginning if he's attached to the cable around his waist….

    AND the smoke still arrived like 10 seconds later yet the guy was fine on the same ledge anyway -_-

  11. didnt know gameinformer hired illegals welp at least you guys try to hire hot illegals as long as you keep that trend going i guess i'm cool with it TRUMP 2016!!!

  12. 56:40, Dudes in their 40s who still super into Ghostbusters and dress like it: The human equivalent of pokemon who refuse to evolve. hahaha so funny!

  13. This game is hilarious.
    Please make a superreplay, i want to hear dan tack impressions of this game. lol

  14. It's strange that you have the Im-Ported segment yet you didn't have this game. And it was released here in Europe, why did that guy purchase the Japanese version!?

    I have this game since 2010 but never played a minute of it. I bought before I had a Wii than a friend tested if for me it it's okay but never played it. I hope this Replay makes me wanna play it.

  15. This is a Super Replay candidate that deserves the Overblood treatment. If you can manage it, rotate in crew members each episode. Slower paced games like Shenmue and SotC are great with just Kyle & Reiner, but I say the more the merrier for DDoC!

  16. "look after my sister.. she's really hot.. great ass on her.. even better then mom's"
    "Uh.. i'll send her the compass in the main"

  17. The man gave them not only the freakin game, but a Japanese Wii console to play it on… and they only spent 40 minutes with it???

  18. Looks pretty good but I guess in NA we needed to make more room for shovelware because you can never get enough of that on the Wii. What is regional locking supposed to do, fight pirates, because importers are a minority even now?

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