Reunited with YOGG-SARON and it feels SO GOOD! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | HS Auto Battler

Join Disguised Toast in this intense Hearthstone Battlegrounds video where RNG is against him and health is running out. Will he manage to take the win?


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48 thoughts on “Reunited with YOGG-SARON and it feels SO GOOD! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | HS Auto Battler

  1. Zapp Slywick makes complete sense. back up 1 round and your brann pings off the divine shield on that security rover and gives your hydra the kill on it, plus a solid cleave. In fact, you were mad when this HADN'T happened in the previous rounds. Now consider, if he had a Zapp, and it went first, it would kill both Brann AND virmen sensei before they attack, meaning your hydra would at best, either remove a divine shield (and die) or hit the Amalgam (which wouldn't kill said Amalgam) and also die. Moving into the final round unfortunately (for him!) your brann got to go first, removing the divine shield before his Zapp could assassinate it, and just to add some insult to injury your bolvar with its divine shield absorbs both attacks from it. When the game is so close to being over, throwing in a single minion that can preserve a divine shield on one of your best minions, by assassinating the two weak minions your opponent still has on his board doesn't strike me as a bad play or a low priority gameplan.

  2. Is it me? or is it that the audio in toast's recent video a bit weird?

  3. Wowza, thank you for steady pumping out the battlegrounds and TFT content!! Don't know what I'd do without my daily fix

  4. I love the fact he keep doing misplays and yelling for being unlucky while he is mostly getting punished(buying first then using hero power without refreshing, reducing chances of getting what he want)

  5. 16:00 I thought my fire alarm went off. Then I rushed out of my shower and woke my girlfriend up. Realized it was from the video after we got dressed. Fml

  6. This is the video where I finally got it.
    "Heh, this guy's toast" / "Heh, Disguised Toast'.

    That took me far too long…

  7. not a fan anymore, you're only here because of the warcraft stolen gamemode, ik it's the same company but league got you with that, sorry man, not a fan anymore

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