Rhythm Hearthstone

Took me a while but here it is. Enjoy! c:

Original Video► http://goo.gl/FqA86V

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27 thoughts on “Rhythm Hearthstone

  1. When I first saw this I thought it has at least 500.000 views not 1.200 views, this is so underrated. This is fucking fantastic, keep up the good work :D. Liked and subscribed.

  2. Wow, it's so well done! How about a Remix 10 version now with all the other expansions? 😀

  3. Hey everyone! Thanks for your kind words, it's really something. After one year of recieving 0 — 2 comments on my videos, this feels really inspiring.
    Sadly, I don't think there's gonna be any content until summer. Uni takes a lot of time :C But once the exams are over, there shall be animations! For now, you can go watch my other videos, although most of them are about my own characters.

    Also, please excuse my grammar, I'm not a native speaker. Doing my best though! 🙂

  4. This is the most amazing thing I've seen this year. Really good animating skills! (The dislikes are probably from those who don't know rhythm heaven and found it cringy xD)

  5. yo dude this one was kinda strange xDD but i enjoyed it and it was interesting . so i hope that u get a lot of subbs and shit keep the good work up man 🙂 (the silverware golem was the best <3)

  6. Change profile name. This is not a Piece of Sheet! Very good job!!!!!!

  7. The glass tapping bit makes me want to smack you with a metronome. That is WAY off rhythm.
    There's 5 beats, not 4.

    The golf bit's 'Aha' throws it off, too.

    RNGsus moves too fast for the beat.

  8. My classmate shared me the Divamiru Video Of Yours And I'm SO SURPRISED THAT YOU ONLY HAVE 900+ SUBS! U deserve more than that bruhhh

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