RIDICULOUSLY STRONG DH/H CARD!?! - Scholomance Academy Review #3 | Hearthstone

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46 thoughts on “RIDICULOUSLY STRONG DH/H CARD!?! — Scholomance Academy Review #3 | Hearthstone

  1. Glide just irks me because it goes against what felt like a core design philosophy HS has had for years — fucking with the opponent. One of my favorite MTG deck archetypes is forcing the opponent to discard, but Blizzard felt like they made a very conscious effort to avoid that because of the bad taste it could leave in the receiving players mouth. Now they've printed Divine Favor but with even worse mouth-feel because it's not just the DH gaining an advantage, it's potentially making you "discard" 5 cards.

  2. When will Trump start treating the official cards like custom cards?
    If half of these were custom cards he'd absolutely rip into them

  3. The same thing that is happening with dh and warrior will happen (dh/warlock) again if warlock ever becomes meta just because of glide.
    SO MUCH F.U.N. having 15% wr against a deck.

  4. Is it just me or should the colors be switched on ceremonial maul? I feel like the yellow should be on the left and the red on the right. I could be crazy though, but that was my first thought even before reading the card lol

  5. If you thought Aggro DH was unfun to play against now. Just wait until this new set. Seriously, what the fuck were Blizzard's card design team smoking when they thought printing Kreen and Glide were good ideas. Kreen is even more insane in Hunter too with the sheer amount of rush minions they get, Hunter and DH, the two classes already at the top tier of Aggro play.

  6. He's WAY overestimating Kreen.
    When your reason for it being "OP" includes "where ____ and ____ and ______", then it automatically isn't a valid reason. Yes there are fringe cases where he will be very strong… but the rarity of that occurring is what makes it actually weak.
    Also it's "while attacking", so there's no potential for board clear spell abuse.
    The main use of Kreen would be what he said: Rush cards. But how much rush can you really get out along with him? A big one or a couple of small ones. 2-3 card combo for ~8 "free" damage. Even with those warblades, that's just 12 "free" damage… but then you have no other minions left over.
    "You can never come back if you don't kill Kreen"? Wrong. An easy way: Board clear. It's a win if you play him on 3 or 4? How is a 2/4 "do nothing" minion of any use on 3 or 4? It's not good aggro, it's not good tempo. If you play him on 3-4 WHILE YOU HAVE THE BOARD, then he does indeed get harder to deal with.
    Trump thinks it's one of, if not THE, strongest cards in the set? It's probably closer to middling. It's by no means weak, but it's not exceptional.
    The one caviat to that is if someone can find some kind of way to abuse the effect in a combo. Something like Kreed into a buffed batterhead to obliterate the board and have a difficult board left over (impossible due to being 11 mana)?

  7. People are completely overreacting over Ace Hunter. He is completely a dead card if you dont have board control and if demon hunter has board control, your already losing. I only see him relevant on curve and then hes pretty strong.

  8. Hate to be that guy but ace Hunter Kreen seems broken even at 5 mana, also not fun for anyone to play against. Just seems like there could be a more interesting card/mechanic they could have come up with for a hunter/DH duel class

  9. I'm calling it now felosophy will be used to create more warlock primes in a hadronox druid style deck and it's going to be super busted

  10. I think the bigger scare from Mozaki is the potential for a miracle mage. Mozaki -> Sorcerer's apprentice -> 3-4 tiny spells -> arcane missiles + frost bolts could be an easy 30 damage.
    With magic trick, ray of frost, tome of intellect and elemental allies (either as an extra spell or played earlier for card draw), you could easily get the 3-4 tiny spells. You could even pre-cast an incanter's flow or use it for the spell damage.
    If you're really in a bind, you could Mozaki + frost nova as a prep turn and hope the opponent doesn't have removal for the 8 health minion.

  11. I've got to hand it to Trump in hyping his own reveal card up. He certainly has me extremely curious.

  12. "So demon hunter continues the trend of having controversial cards. Let's see what they come up with in future card reveals"
    Trump's card is 100% a DH card.

  13. Oh boy, four mana Sprint for the most aggressive class in the game! I sure hope this won't have any wacky or disastrous consequences on the meta!

  14. Totem shaman has always been outclassed by something. I've been holding onto my aggro mur-totem shaman since Rhastakhans rumble (excuse the butchering of the first word please :)). Maybe finally, after I craft a whole new set's worth of aggro shaman cards, will I get anywhere above rank 15

  15. For people who are complaning about Glide, I think Trump is right on this one, it competes against Skull of Gul'dan wich is the best card in the tempo DH, so why run Glide when you can run Skull of Gul'dan and win the game? The people running this card will be people with the only intention of making games unfun… they will still lose a lot for other decks and realize that this unfun they're trying to cause will be unfun for themlselves… so they will stop running the card. Though it's very powerful against Handlock early game… and before you guys complain about it, remember how much you would want this card back in the Cubelock meta, maybe the Handlock in this meta will as much "unfun" to play against as it was to play against Cubelock…

  16. Ace Hunter needs to be nerfed already. Either make is 1 or 2 health, or like 6 mana.

  17. Can't believe people think glide will see play, as if demon hunter is gonna play a 4 mana disruption card, instead of just killing the opponent by playing 4 mana worth of minions/tempo

  18. Bah, I've been playing WoW since TBC, I know Blizzard have no clue how to balance shit, and in HS I've seen way too many stupid decisions. Glide won't be the last horrible mistake.


  20. Felosphy cant really be compared to scavengers ingenuity like that. Copy a card isnt even close to tutor a card. Scavenger was good because it got stuff out of your deck, especially the prime.

  21. Glide: Playing against Demon Hunter, if you don't have room for 4 cards in your hand, you are going to die. Because you haven't been spending enough cards to keep up with the speed of Demon Hunter. So this really just comes down to Skull of Gul'dan Vs Glide. And at that, Skull of Gul'dan wins every time. Trying to burn your opponent's cards, as a Demon Hunter, is an error, a pipe dream.

  22. Bruh why are these cards getting so broken. Like it all started in lich king expansion you look at cards like the 4 7/7 shaman and that shit seems useless now

  23. I think that glide's one saving grace may be that it won't actually be played; it's very strong in its best-case scenario, but there are also a lot of situations in which it's a completely dead card, which is even worse in demon hunter than most classes; it can get stuck on the left of your hand, interfering with other outcast cards, and you can't even play it to get rid of it if you have a hand bigger than 4 cards. We've seen a lot of cards hyped up as "super op" (cheaper sprint that tutors, etc..)fail to see play because they are too situational, and I suspect that may be the case for glide as well.
    That, however, is precisely the issue with glide; it's worse than a dead card in any situation except the one its designed for, and that one situation is fundamentally unfun.
    It is frustrating to have glide uselessly stuck in your hand, and it is frustrating to have glide played effectively against you. Essentially, there is no situation in which glide is not frustrating at least one player; regardless of its power level, the card's design is inherently frustrating.
    The one way in which glide's all-or-nothing nature could be beneficial is that it can serve as a regulator to ensure control decks don't become too dominant; it's extraordinarily powerful in those matchups, which means that if control does come to dominate the meta, glide can serve as a counter, while its uselessness in other matchups means that decks built around it won't just come to dominate instead. In this way, it could theoretically benefit game health without being played frequently; even sitting at a very small playrate, they could shift the meta equilibrium drastically away from control deck dominance.
    Blizzard has a history of trying to make this kind of "regulator" card, for example big game hunter, which was designed to counter giant handlock early in hearthstone history, so I suspect that it's probably what they're trying to do with glide as well. Still, big game hunter did eventually run into issues with being fundamentally unfun("I've got the fun in mah sights"), but maybe that's why they made glide a class card, so that it can't become as ubiquitous as BGH was back in the Dr. boom meta. Overall, we'll have to see how it turns out.
    One interesting takeaway from this, though, is that it looks like blizzard is afraid enough of control decks they felt the need to print a card just to counter them; considering that, along with other cards like rattlegore specifically designed for the control vs. control matchup, we may want to watch out for some very powerful control cards in the next reveals.

  24. Anyone else think blizzard have just threw the idea of power creep out the window with the last 2 expansions? We all know blizzard are one of the greediest game companies but these last 2 expansions power levels have been off the charts. Guess you gotta buy every expansion to be even remotely competitive anymore.

  25. Mozaki Twin Spell Frozen thingand cobalt dragon get two 1 cost spells! Mana reduction gnome for 2 mana? 1 shot mage on turn 8?

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