RIP, Molly

Recorded moments after she was put down. You’ve seen her in other videos. It might look like I’m putting on a show here, but if anything, I had to fight myself not to just fall apart right then and there. Most of the crying was later on.

Anyway… sorry I haven’t been uploading videos much, lately, but you guys have to understand that this is a very trying time for me. You’ll get those videos when you get them.


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40 thoughts on “RIP, Molly

  1. My condolences. May you find peace somewhere in these dark times.

  2. I would try to say something to make you feel better… but I don't think you would want that. When I had to get my dog put down, I didn't want people to tell me to "be happy" or that she was "in a better place". It's ****ing life and it sucks, and I wanted to feel bad because it felt natural to feel bad about something THAT FELT BAD.

    I can't say I knew your dog or loved her, but it's extremely clear how much YOU loved her, and for what little it's worth, I'm sorry. It's not much, but it's all I know that I can say, because when you lose someone (animal or not) like that, words don't mean a lot, and they don't make things better, but it's all we can do. Just know that you're cared about by us, and that you shouldn't just "forget about her" as people have told me. Always remember and love her, but don't let yourself get trapped in the past. You're a fantastic dude from what little I've seen of you through your videos, and I wish you the best of luck…  🙁

  3. I had a greyhound named Argus from birth to third grade. He was a retired racing dog my parents adopted, and though he wasn't the most energetic dog, he was as loyal as they come. But age caught up with him more and more, until one day he finally gave way while I was away at school.

    It hurt, believe me, it hurt. I didn't even get to see him one last time before he was cremated.

    I can't say the pain will entirely disappear, but it's possible to move on. Always remember, but don't let it hinder you.

  4. My dog Mia passed away two years ago and I was REALLY sad about it, I didn't even wanna go to school. R.I.P. I'm sorry Nick:, (

  5. If you need anything bro feel free to ask me. It takes time to heal the wounds of such losses and i too hold similar scars. Take as much time as you need bro. @Nikanaquamagna

  6. Im sad. Let me put my camera on to record my sad face. I want people to see my sadness.

  7. my cousin had a chihuahua that was completely mauled by some bigger dogs…poor thing never stood a chance. shit happens…

  8. So sorry to hear about your dog 🙁 Putting down any pet is one of the hardest things to do. My condolences to you and your family. At least you can know that she lived a good life and is now at peace.

  9. I am sorry for your loss, I know how it feels to loose a pet you love. Just know Molly is in a better place now.

  10. Damn, I'm sorry to see you dealing with this. I've lost a beloved pet before as well, back in February. He was a turtle, which people might smirk at me for being upset over, but I still cry over him to this day because he comforted me when I was upset, I slept with him by my head nightly, and I've become so emotionally attached to him. I empathize so much with your pain, I'm really sorry this happened. Anyone who gives you shit for being this upset or venting those feelings can fuck right off.

    And don't worry, even though she'll always be in your heart, the pain will fade, slowly but surely.

  11. This sucks, dude. I hope you get better. I don't care about your reviews or your videos as long as you're in that shape.

    Take your time.

  12. Oh wow! 😮 I'm so SORRY to hear about your dog Molly Nickon. I know how it's like to lose an animal you're very close to. Hope all is well with you

  13. Wow, I'm so sorry :/ Losing a dog is very hard, they're part of our families and love us owners so much. Nobody should treat a pet's death (and even more so if it's a dog) like nothing serious. I hope you are well.

  14. I like dogs more than I like human beings. I would nuke the continent of Africa if it meant you could have your dog back.

  15. Reminds me of the time I lost my indian ringneck bird who enjoyed sitting on my shoulder and did lots of fun things.

  16. I had to go thru the same thing with my dog Sammie and it always hard knowing that they won't always be there for us but I think best to remember where for us and we'll always have the memories.

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