ROGUE LEGENDARY, OP DUAL CLASS CARDS & MORE!! - Scholomance Academy - Hearthstone Expansion

Tons of new cards are revealed as the reveal season has finally started!

Cards in this review:
00:13 Boneweb Egg
01:39 Brittlebone Destroyer
04:25 Cycle of Hatred
07:18 Infiltrator Lilian
10:34 Steeldancer
13:08 Headmaster Kel’Thuzad
16:08 Combustion
17:38 Onyx Magescribe

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ROGUE LEGENDARY, OP DUAL CLASS CARDS & MORE!! — Scholomance Academy — Hearthstone Expansion



48 thoughts on “ROGUE LEGENDARY, OP DUAL CLASS CARDS & MORE!! — Scholomance Academy — Hearthstone Expansion

  1. so far this set looks pretty boring and I don't get how Blizzard can justify releasing a new set when AoO and DH is still a broken mess

  2. One important note about Steeldancer: the card image you used has an error in it.

    The actual card is a pirate. This is obviously a positive for pirate warrior.

    The card itself is low key nuts. Rogue has both Toggwaggle Pick and Hooked Scimitar sitting around so there is the ability to hit turn 3/4/5 and have a 4/4 + random 4 drop for only four mana.

  3. Card arts seem pretty weak in this expansion. Think it was at its peak in DoD and gotten worse since

  4. 15:00 how to beat jade druid as priest. 1. headmaster kelthusad. 2. shadow of ruin. congrats. your jade is now my jade.

  5. Is there the Shriek card in Standard? That discard the lowest cost card in your hand?

  6. I wish priest didn't get so much hate. The only reason priest is so random with infinite card generation is because they have literally 0 card draw. The best you can get are the nuetral options which is basically just loot hoarder and big ol' whelp. Meanwhile warrior and dh have the best draw in the game and…. oh wait those are the two best classes in the game? I wonder why hmmmmmmmmm. Give priest some draw please. Every other class has at least a little bit of good draw likehand of adal, scevenger's ingenuity ect. Hell warlock gets a free draw 3 on top of their hero power and priest gets nothing but card generation. The frazzled freshman card will be almost useless if they don't give priest at least one draw spell this expansion. The more draw, the less you have to rely on random generation.

  7. when you make these videos i really wish you wouldnt pretend like wild doesnt exist

  8. Appreciate the card overviews. Please stop using "OP" as a synonym for "good" . Youtubers add OP and BROKEN into their headlines for clicks, it is annoying and lessens the impact of when there are actual OP and broken things. Neither of the 2 dual class cards you talked about were "overpowered".

  9. A lot of these new rogue cards go into an aggressive stealth-rogue shell. Which isn't a bad deck, but sort of lacks the payoff that a lot of these cards give. Turn 3 Hooked Scimitar into Turn 4 Steeldancer + a random 4 drop is pretty crazy good tempo.

  10. I expect these Spellburst cards to have some kind of visual effect to know when they have been used or not-

  11. Onyx magescribe is gonna see some tempo play behind cobalt spellkin. I don’t see it having a heavy impact on the meta for any class outside of mage though.

    I say mage because it gives you two random spells, doesn’t mention cost. Which means you could end of with a PoC in your hand just by developing your board. Follow this up with a dragon caster on 7 and we see 3 major plays back to back (obviously depending on your hand). Spellkin has a habit of giving magic trick to mage so that’s even more value out this little 2 turn set up.

    I see combustion getting some decent play especially with spell damage on the board. Having this do 5-8 damage could really ruin someone’s board.

    All things considered, dragon mage just that much stronger.

    Edit: As always love your content Dekk. I’m ready to see all the op meme decks you come up with lol

  12. Keep the great job, Dekkster!
    (BTW… this is the track I heard in my mind now when I finish a conversation XD )

  13. Imo onyx magscribe will be really good in arena. Its same stats in total as Boulder fist with upside, and a dragon tag.

  14. Steeldancer looks like a massive tempo swing for kingsbane rogue, Does Pirate warrior still run the 5 mana 5/2 weapon? Otherwise i don't see the point of it.

  15. Infiltrator Lilian seems a lot better than people think. Just looks like a leeroy replacement to me.
    4 guaranteed damage to face and the chance to deal another 4 damage with the deathrattle.
    The deathrattle ignores taunt and when going face the 4/2 survives as well.
    Very hard to counter her. Everything feels awkward.
    Her body is value wise slightly better than shredder.

  16. Brittle bone destroyer can destroy itself as well as ur own minions, this card is very bad because of that

  17. KT with chaos nova is possible since it only does 4 to the board KT survives and summons the enemy board for 10 mana. Brawl is a low chance but gonna be annoying as hell when it works. Possibly nerfed for being so highrolly.

  18. Steeldancer fits into a Galakrond warrior list very well. Your invokes give you more attack, on top of a weapon if you have one equipped. Max Krond gives you a 5/2 wep, and can draw steeldancer with +4/+4 making it an 8/8 +battlecry. Will help you build board while you smack face… and Rogue can bring back some Deadly Poison + wep combo's maybe.

  19. Im saying it now.. stealth tempo rogue will happen.. hell maybe even a stealthy tempo galakronx rogue come this next xpac! Wooo!

    Edit: lemme explain.. tempo out your normal steath minions, the combo weapon thats turns into a 4/2.. your other good pirates, and combo cards.. eggs maybe, the new legendary chick and teron gorefiend to overwhelm your opponent.. she can trigger twice in one game.. etc and keep your opponents board at bay.. hell i may even add a quest to it.. its definitely going to happen.. nothing groundbreaking.. but it may just have enough to be a thing..

    Edit 2: and now steel dancer too.. 4 mana summon another 4 mana minion isnt bad.. when you have your combo-ed out hook-whatever schimatar.. or waggle picks.. even.. wait are these weapons still in standard?! Ugh im half asleep..

    Edit 3: and now dekksty said something about it kinda.. hehe!

  20. If you use headmaster KT in shaman against an aggro deck and you lightning storm when hes in play to clear their entire board does KT summon all of them?

  21. I get to see the new cards with a cool guy explaining them to me 🙂 thank you Dekks

  22. The steeldance with rogue can be used with waggle pick, the weapon from the quest and hero Power which is the worst option. Do also have that card that steal weapons and can be kinda useful?

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