Sathrovarr Holy Wrath Paladin deck guide and gameplay (Hearthstone Doom in the Tomb)

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In this how to play video, I take a look at Sathrovarr Holy Wrath Paladin!

Deck code: AAECAZ8FDPoBhQPtBfQFzwb7DP37AoT8Ar2GA/yjA/22A+fSAwmcArMD3AP2B6f3Avz8Atn+As+GA+yGAwA=

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This video is from the era of Year of the Dragon Standard format and Saviors of Uldum expansion Doom in the Tomb event.


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9 thoughts on “Sathrovarr Holy Wrath Paladin deck guide and gameplay (Hearthstone Doom in the Tomb)

  1. I believe playing a 'Shirvallah + Sath + (discounted) Baleful' combo two times, then the last Sath, can net ([3 x 2 x 2] + 3) 15 extra Shirvallahs over 5 turns — someone correct me if I'm wrong here?

    Against Warriors/Druids who armour above 50 (and don't OTK you), this could be a fringe value/board strategy comparable to Chef Nomi.

  2. Very nice deck and tutorial 🙂 I appreciate how you always explain the most important mechanics of a deck. I went 6-0 from rank 7 to 5 after watching this.

  3. Old Guardian is one of the most consistent and interesting of the HS content creators. Make sure to watch his ads in full if you want to support him 👍🏻

  4. Some good uses for the new card OG. I always enjoy your commentary and was wondering if you'd ever considered doing more voice work eg: audio books , narrator for blind etc . I think you'd be excellent , you have such a soft lyrical tone . Anyways hope your well.

  5. i dont know if im retarded or what but i lost all my games against this cancer shit and i need some tips on how to beat it

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