Script to have more than 9 decks in Hearthstone


Download link: (only take the .ahk’s or the .exe’s with the readme, no need to take both, note I haven’t updated the .exe version, I will if someone wants it, just message me):

SourceForge (Has new all in one version):

I can add another download link if there’s a problem, just leave a comment!
Read the readme.txt for any further details, and feel free to leave a comment or message (on reddit preferably, or on youtube if you want).


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17 thoughts on “Script to have more than 9 decks in Hearthstone

  1. Thank you very much for sharing this, it is extremely helpful and it seems like it took a lot of work on your part! (you should consider having a donation link somewhere because I at least would donate for this (if it was indeed you who did the coding)). 

  2. Hey dude! I saw your post on reddit, and came here to check the video, and the script is really cool! Could you link me the other script you talked about in the video? Seems really handy ^^

  3. There's a problem when you have one normal and one golden version of a card, it only clicks twice in the normal version of the card. The best would be if the script could click twice in the golden version (in case you have 2) and then twice in the non-golden.

  4. Hey, great job! Just one thing (sorry for being "that guy") I've tried to search all over to fix this myself but I can't figure it out. I've never used AHK before so that may be one of the issues. The script loads fine the mouse moves it just doesn't actually click on the search bar or the card, sort of just hovers. Any input is much appreciated. 

  5. I think you could easily add "gold card" picking.

    1. You do the search.
    2. You click on the position of the second card position (instead of the first card position).
    3. Click on the first card position.

    It would not be perfect, because you could pick 2 cards per line… But…  Here is my idea…

    We could build a text file like this:
    Card Name GOLD <=== click the 2nd card position (match "GOLD" in your script).
    Card Name  <=== default, click the first card position

    And just a funny idea…  Make a random deck generator, this would be fun to play weird incohesive decks from time to time.  😉

  6. Thanks dude, I'll give it a try, you're cool 🙂

    (also, do you think they will ban me or something?)

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