Secret OP Haven List? (Machina, Natura, Elana Haven) | Rotation | Fortune's Hand Deck + Gameplay

There are many variations to Elana Haven now in the Fortune’s Hand Shadowverse Rotation Meta. Machina/Natura Elana Haven is one of them, and it is pretty scary!

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12 thoughts on “Secret OP Haven List? (Machina, Natura, Elana Haven) | Rotation | Fortune's Hand Deck + Gameplay

  1. got both ramina and alexiel for haven, but the thing is, i've never liked playing haven and still don't. i'm afraid of buying packs of this expansion in case i get lapis who i'm prolly never gonna use lol

  2. I use karen when i use haven if i use haven i don't use much. I pulled lapris when the set pre-release.

  3. Nice, Haven Al'machinus is always very RNG but it's fun.
    Just don't think it's consistent and start making this deck thinking it's tier 1 without good board clear. xD
    Also Shadow has the benefit of being able to invoke cards and destroy on evo and a whole lot of other stuff…

  4. Deck looks legit good, will give it a go. thanks for posting this my Elana list was feeling outdated 😡

  5. Nice, can't wait to try it out. I got Lapis too at the beginning of the expansion, but i use Eris 4thB alt cuz i like it more. Can't wait for Elana leader tho.

  6. Yup machina haven is pretty underatted, i actually create a deck similiar to your list and did wonder!

    But once you brick you're done

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