SELFLESS HERO IS THAT BONUS OP - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — This one drop is often the difference between first and third place.
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32 thoughts on “SELFLESS HERO IS THAT BONUS OP — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Holy Moly! Look at that! divine shield poisonous murlocs winning battlegrounds?!?! Thought I'd never see the day.

  2. 13:11 still feels right to take the amalgadon, so much extra stats, also could find megasaur to secure the win, combining two poisonous units isn’t always bait

  3. Another perq with selfless hero is that when someone techs with unstable ghoul against you, you get a shield or two back.

  4. Oh nice … A video with Selfless Hero being the focus … Goes for Divine Shield Murlocs and Selfless Hero does absolute nothing of relevance. Sigh

  5. Half of the games in this mode are pure random. I refreshed the tavern 35 times before I was defeated and got 0 hydra and only one person had 1 level 1 hydra. Next game i am building dragons I am on tavern level 2 till the end of the game I got 4 dragons all gold went for refreshes no dragon and no one else was playing dragons.

  6. Why does the subtitle feature think he’s saying “hyrule” when he says “high roll”?
    …hyrule isn’t even a word…

  7. Kripp is well established and accomplished streamer.he known at dozens of games i dont understand why he bothers with fake utube titles.And once he was shitting other streamers about clickbait titles…

  8. You talk about top 3 murlocs needing more than just poison and divine shield but you weren't even matched against poison divine shield so you would have won with or without selfless hero. Come on man.

  9. I mean like there's definitely something to be said for the selfless hero allowing zapp to go in three kills which is definitely a lot more than normal but he was already poisonous murlocs versus nerfed beast build, dude was done.

  10. sees video title
    watches selfless hero ignored for murlocs
    double checks title

  11. I might have to stop watching Kripp after 5+ years. This is just so boring. Every single video is just playing murlocs. Every single murloc is just some inexplicably strong mutant fish with divine shield which makes no sense and is just boring to look at. Oh wow, who's going to win? The guy who instantly kills everything or the guy with a unique and interesting build? At least constructed and arena had something new each video. This is the same shit over and over again.

  12. Wait a sec… selfless hero didn't do shit this match.

    Why did you use this title then? lol

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