Shaman is Back in the Meta | Galakrond Shaman Hearthstone

What are the Hearthstone Best Decks? Today, the Deck is Hearthstone Galakrond Warlock. Ashes of Outlands had a new class, Hearthstone Demon Hunter and new metas. I hope you enjoy this Galakrond Warlock Gameplay.

If you are reading this you are amazing and I appreciate you and all the support 🙂 I play most of the tier 1 and 2 decks, put my own spin on them and teach you How To Play Hearthstone and get to Legend or whatever rank you want to get to.

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8 thoughts on “Shaman is Back in the Meta | Galakrond Shaman Hearthstone

  1. Deck:

  2. Do you think you can go f2p and still get most cards? I recently quit my job and I go back to college soon but I have all the warlock / DH cards. I really like priest but gala priest has too many legendaries. I hate playing agro so I’m probably not going to re-craft the nerfed DH cards.

  3. I really like evolve gala instead of the quest. Really strong mid game. And the 4 damage on the weapon is more significant than I thought.

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