Should You ALWAYS Test For Counterspell...? | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1496

Should You ALWAYS Test For Counterspell…? | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1496

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35 thoughts on “Should You ALWAYS Test For Counterspell…? | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1496

  1. Silencing weapons would in my opinion get confusing, especially with all the buffing that can be done to them. I say it's better to just leave silencing to minions and the occasional hero power

  2. I think silencing a weapon would be interesting but not a hero power. For the weapon I think it should be for like a turn or 2

  3. Silencing weapons and hero powers would have been useful tech but now there is stickyfingers and that other card that swaps hero power, so I feel they would be kinda underwhelming.

  4. Answering the title: yes, always assume it's a randomly generated counterspell. You learn the hard way

  5. I feel that there really isn't a need to silence weapons as there really isn't enough value to do so, destroying them is a lot safer

  6. Balanced number for quest mage spells is 20. They could still complete it, but they would at least have to draw 2/3 of their deck and be at ten mana a few turns, giving a aggro or midrange opponent a good chance to win the game and have some interaction.

  7. I think Silence Weapon effects are too situational for them to be useful because 1. They need a weapon 2. It Has to Have to have an effect on it/buff 3- Weapon destroying is better than silence against every weapon but kings bane

  8. I just came up with a great idea but I'm gonna need you to be open minded… Hailey Darthstone Munny Foments

  9. Should I always test counterspell? No, always test when you have resources to win the trade or play differently when you have an option that hero doesn’t rely on spell. It is the golden rule that you need to gain advantage or deny’s opponent’s advantage.

  10. Silencing hero powers would be incredibly weak in my opinion if it's temporary, and pretty op if it's permanent. And Silencing weapons seems too confusing — and again, weak — to ever do right.

  11. My guy 4:10 didn't know that against all laws of Discard mechanics, Soul Fire always discards Soul Fire.

  12. Hey that's me at 5:58! If you guys liked that clip you can see more at my twitch, drop a follow if you enjoyed 🙂

  13. In response to the title: yes, his play was correct, but he was really unlucky. That's just hearthstone punishing correct plays as usual.

  14. No,weapons not being able to be slienced is the only reason why kingsbane was made,also it will be quite confusing for players

  15. wtf is that question? why would you silence a weapon? you just play ooze(s) or stickyfinger

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