Should you put your game on Steam Early Access? If so, then when?

Elyot discusses Prismata’s Steam Early Access launch, why we’re doing it now, and why we’re not just fully releasing the game.

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3 thoughts on “Should you put your game on Steam Early Access? If so, then when?

  1. I came from Scrolls to Prismata and I can tell you it was a really good game. Everyone blamed differet things as why it died but one of the complains was that updates were to few and small. I rememer seing one of your youtube videos talking about the direction on Prismata in general and I love the amount of atention you put in trying to make a good release. Scrolls released too soon, you couldn't even add friends in the first months because it wasn't implemented yet and so people felt alone even if there's a general chat, also there wasn't a tutorial for new people and in the end we end up being the beta players alone… so I'm glad you're putting the attention those things need.

    Lets hope for a great Prismata release 🙂

  2. Free to play will make the matchmaking better, competitive games that hope to have an esports scene almost require it. Also I'm a poor bastard and I hope I'll get a key for the early access.

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