Silvermoon - World of Warcraft Lore

Silvermoon lore. Covering the creation of the city and the kingdom, the downfall and the rise.
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In this video I cover the creation of Quel’Thalas and Silvermoon. After that I go through the various troll wars and the devastating Scourge invasion. How it happened and what were the consequences. Finally I go over the current state of Silvermoon and the blood elf kingdom of Quel’Thalas.

All of the footage used in the video is copyrighted by Blizzard Entertainment unless stated otherwise.


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46 thoughts on “Silvermoon — World of Warcraft Lore

  1. Doron I have a question for you LEGION SPOILERS AHEAD

    Now that we know that Archbishop Alonsus Foul is an undead, does this means he is a part of the horde? or is he neutral?

  2. My expectations were correct, they truly are Mana-Addicted pushovers… Facepalm
    To be honest this makes me want to laugh at Sin'dorei even more. Just LMAO they are so weak. I've heard of Mortality but that's an entirely new level! XD

  3. Bloodelves are like the Night-elves that embrace the full grace of an elf could be, the power, the sun, and the glory elves could get.

  4. Your channel and noble's channel are the best for the wow history 🙂 I like you rly much ty for the new lore videos I hope you will make more of them 😀

  5. Blizzard really needs to revamp silvermoon. Making it an actual city, which could rival stormwind.

  6. they should update and add flying to the draenei and blood elf zones bcause honestly silver moon is awesome and the only reason i don't hang out there is because it's hard to get to and you can't fly in it

  7. Well every1 thinks of horde as dirt diggers seeing their capital Ogri, and then you see Silvermoon bigger, better and shinier than any other city in game. So why in hell can't this be capital for horde,or ally or anything. I just need silvermoon to be capital of smth. For such a beautiful city it is just so empty.
    And one more thing, how in hell did primitive trolls had a chane to beat magic weaving high elves, like did elves rly need damn humans to help them?

  8. Since the sunwell has been restored, shouldn't the eyes be back to blue ?! I've been confused since BC. I understand that their eyes turned green, due to fel. But the sunwell is okay now. So wtf ? Lol

  9. Blood elves have soooooo much potential. I really wish they would do more with them like they have the night elves

  10. you forgot that not not kael'thas' people did not accept the siphoning gift and were exiled, they would we called them selves high elves and discover that sunwell withrawl wasn't harmful that aren't old and frail, those that chose to to accept the gift, gain green eyes from fel and other magic they siphon, i'm surprise people can't find the difference with blood and high elves today in general :/

  11. "Barely held the trolls back"? What are you talking about. The High Elves magic absolutely devasted any forces the trolls had and the Trolls quickly realized they could not defeat magic without their own. And it took them several thousand years before they were able to ever fight them without being utterly annihilated.

  12. I disagree when you said Kael'thas went to other lands in Lordaeron while Lortheram went to clense Silvermoon from the Scourge.
    The plan was made when Kael'thas and others were in Outland and then they wanted to free Silvermoon expect Kael,so they went from Outland to Undercity and with the aid of the Forsaken and Sylvanas they freed Silvermoon,not sure if Kael wanted to help.

  13. Why did the Highelves turn to the sun except for the moon & how do they draw strength from it exactly? Is there something similar to the Moongodess Elune inside the sun as well?

  14. Wait, arent the blood elves reside themselves on outland, since they exiled from the alliance threat?

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