SMOrcing Smart! with Zixor Hunter | Solem Hearthstone

Legend Player here, showing you those broken Tier 8 decks. Do you like a hunter deck that Smorcs big and feels like Knuckles OTK? Well, here ya go 🙂

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Some tags, pls ignore 🙂

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45 thoughts on “SMOrcing Smart! with Zixor Hunter | Solem Hearthstone

  1. I need your Music Recommendations! Looking for Rock/Metal. The bands I listen to the most are Rise Against, Ice Nine Kills, ADTR, Our Last Night, Skillet & Sum 41
    If you have anything that fits let me know! Kinda random but eh, I thought I just ask :p
    live on very late today, its noon and I am going to bed just now…

  2. Porcupine otk is already annoying with fresh scent and hand buff. Hunter has been given a lot of options these last 2 expansions.

  3. К вопросу, почему стример теряет ранг за победы:
    Просто другие игроки его обгоняют за время партии

  4. Also: when I was in gold, I BM'd a Legend rank so hard he literally friended me to complain only to realize I was rank 10 gold.

    I love this ranking system sometimes.

  5. The first game I played with Zixor Hunter. Turn 3 I played Zixor. Turn 4 I played Pack Tactics and hero power. He attacks and kills my Zixor, Pack Tactics goes off, I now have a 3/3 Zixor on board, and a Prime shuffled into my deck. Turn 5 I play Hunter's Pack. I get a Zixor. I play Scavenger's Ingenuity, and I get the Prime. So on Turn 5 I have a 3/3 Zixor on board, a 2/4 Zixor in hand and a 7/7 Prime in hand.

  6. So I've been having a lot of success with a quest version of this deck in standard. The amount of rush minions now in standard (plus the hunter side quest!) means you can control the board surprisingly well, and people never expect the 21 damage unleash the hounds combo when it hits them!

  7. Would you try out Porcupine hunter? Apparently, you can play Augmented porcupine, let it die three times. Then play Undertakah into double Play dead. Then…. win. Because you just played 48 damage combo. Basically a better Cthun.

  8. Dude you’re mad under rated. Love your content. Been binging your recent videos. Super funny and cool decks. Thanks man ❤️

  9. (Again) I sended them friend request. I was rank 3 and then I played ranked just for 5 wins reward until i got rank 20 when the new ranking system was live. I think maybe my mmr was still high because of that. I was rank 25 standard

  10. Blizzard: Oh DH is too strong, let's nerf some cards !!
    Also Blizzard: We better nerf as many uncommon cards as possible, such that they won't get any dust refund ….

  11. its not correct that only legend players can see the oponents rank. I see all the ranks of my oponents and im only plat right now

  12. I’m running Zixor Hunter atm, pretty much the only thing I’ve lost against is Demon Hunter. Which is like 80% of decks you run into right now but whatever, it’s still fun to see Zixor Prime drop.

  13. Solem im enjoying secret hunter in standard, im sure there is a better version in wild, maybe you can indulge me.

    The basic premise of the deck is 2 scavengers ingenuity, 2 phase stalkers, king krush, leoroxx and 2 ramkahen wild tamers.

    The rest of the deck is filled with secrets, 2 trackings and 2 arcane shots.

    Just thin out your deck with phase stalkers in rounds 1-7. Scavenge out king krush, double it twice for only 6 mana. Then leoroxx 8 mana for the triple 11/11 king krush.

    Its quite consistent with alot of deck thining

  14. Whizbang isn't ever going to classic people have been begging for it for forever. The simple fact is it cuts into blizzard's profits because it allows players to play classes they don't have the cards or don't want to craft. Look at how useless zayle is

  15. clicked the like button because a millisecond message popped up and told me to…. jk i like your content man

  16. Made a standard otk with zixor after I saw this and its pretty fun. Awesome vid man!

  17. I think you go down a rank because another player passed you in the mean time? Idk or that’s how I think legendary works

  18. Ohhhh I was wondering why I couldn't see my opponents rank. I thought there was a privacy option enabled or something. I wonder why you're only allowed to see once you reach legend?

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