SOUL FRAGMENTS OP! | New Warlock & Demon Hunter Mechanic | Scholomance | Hearthstone

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SOUL FRAGMENTS OP! | New Warlock & Demon Hunter Mechanic | Scholomance | Hearthstone

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22 thoughts on “SOUL FRAGMENTS OP! | New Warlock & Demon Hunter Mechanic | Scholomance | Hearthstone

  1. I like Soul Fragment mechanic, cause rewards give you options to build aggro or control deck, not forcing you into specific playstyle. Really looking forward to this new expansion, looks super fun 😁

  2. Just wanted to bring up the simple way to put a lot of soul shards in your deck for DH/Warlock. You use Felosophy + Spirit Jailer and duplicate/buff a bunch of the 1 drop 🙂

  3. Actually you missed one card from warlock : 4mana 4/5 (epic)taunt battlecry: destroy a soulshard and gain +3/+3
    Like your intro thoxD

  4. I think it isn’t that good, but i really like the design. At a look back to mechanics like C‘Thun, Galakrond, Jades (with Jades u can cut a bit). Those cards were only good together, also a Quest build needs to run a specific pack of cards. Then Librams in Standart the same (in wild is it playable only with the 1/3 and the 1+1 Libram). But this is the first time those cards can be run outside their mechanic 😍 that doesn’t hurt the cardpool of the expansion that much.

  5. i just wonder if there is going to be something similar for the other clases, you know?…….. but i love the mechanic, maybe love it more playing with it and not against it. LOVE THE GOOD GOOD VIDEO TO

  6. When legends of runeterra was released I tried it and haven't played hearthstone since. I mean I came back recently to play a game of hearthstone and every game is demon hunter it's just boring I love playing against a different deck every game in legends of runeterra plus I have every card without spending money I have less cards in hearthstone and have spent 300 plus dollars man but the money isn't the issue legends of runeterra is alot more skill and a ton of fun to play this expansion hasn't made me want to come back to hearthstone… after August legends of runeterra will get new cards every month!! And a new region every 3 months.!

  7. My problem with this mechanic is that Blizzard is giving Demon Hunter way too many tools when the class already exceeds on doing pretty much anything.

  8. İts really fun to watch you even when you describe new expansion man luv to watch it, luv to see it and this good work, keep it 🙂 Lookin forward to a shaman new cards video hopefully You can share it in a short time.

  9. Its worth noting that the current control warlock is quest warlock which has weird interactions with quest. If you draw a shard before completion you get +1 to your quest but if you draw one with the tomb of origination you lose the discount, as well as plot twist probably thinning out most of your shards making the payoff cards a bit less potent or consistent for some immediate healing. So there are pros and cons unless a new type of control warlock arises.

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