SOUL JUGGLER IS ONLY THE START! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Don’t trust all the Soul Juggler players. It’s only a transition card for real builds!
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32 thoughts on “SOUL JUGGLER IS ONLY THE START! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. They need to change the weight of points you get for winning. 4th should be 0, 3rd a very small increase etc… Make so it people actual play to win more instead of finding the meta mid game build and running that every patch.

  2. Hey Kripp. Thanks for asking. Since you did, let me tell you about how I just lost my dog in a freak fireworks accident. We were celebrating the dogs birthday by shooting off some bottle rockets. We bought them out of a van in a walmart parking lot. They were called, "Dragons breath!" So, before lighting the fuse, I gave my dog a scratch under the chin and asked, "Who's a good boy!? You're a good boy!!" and his beautiful tail wagged excitedly. I approached the firework and put the bic lighter to the fuse. Before it lit off, the dog ran up and grabbed the tube in his mouth. The firework went off and caught my dog on fire. I tried to put him out, but he ran into the woods and started a small wild fire. We searched all night trying to find him. No luck as of yet. I'm hopeful and optimistic. That's how it's going right now. How are you? Tell me how it's going when you get a chance — Your biggest fan.

  3. If that was me, i would have sat there and re-rolled on tavern six for eight turns in a row without seeing a single beast.

  4. Blizzard should implement an optional phase 2 where 8 winners continue with full health. Would see some killer battles

  5. Kripp is starting to realize the sameyness and extreme RNG dependence of battlegrounds isn't fun.

  6. Today I was offered 3 shifters in tavren 3, I bought them and got golden mama bear in the next turn, ended up with 2 other mama bears and huge beasts, best game ever.

  7. Kripp, I'm a devoted fan, and I love you dearly, but I strongly prefer the low sodium version of Kripparrian :).

  8. I honestly dislike the percentage thing, it just takes the fun out of it if you know the numbers. It's just a weird feeling, I don't even know how to explain it but does anyone else feel the same?

  9. 10:25 She is actually insane…
    Me: Welcome to my world… (That's the usuall opponents I see XD)

  10. Had to make sure I was on your main channel and not salt chronicles for the first few minutes of gameplay xD Anyone else for the same thing?

  11. “Go soul juggler if you’ve had a bad start”

    *Starts with tidecaller and 2 respawn demon and rat pack on deathwing

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