SPOILER: The NEW Pure Pally Will DESTROY The Meta!!

Deckcode: Pure Libram Pala — AAECAf0GCsLxApz4AqCAA4+CA5eXA4mdA+ujA9+pA7i2A/O3AwrbBsQI9YAD2pYD2psDoaEDu6UD8qUD66wD/bADAA==

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SPOILER: The NEW Pure Pally Will DESTROY The Meta!!


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25 thoughts on “SPOILER: The NEW Pure Pally Will DESTROY The Meta!!

  1. uhm. so you think you know the new meta? like the one that isn’t even out yet ? you know.. to the general public… the ones that actually make up the meta?

  2. God the blizzard employees are so bad at hearthstone
    I'm not surprised they have issues balancing when that is how they play

  3. Druid cards sucks. This expansion Will be pala, mage and Hunter only. All Druid cards are awful and cant replace the cards that New rotation Will take away from the standard. Druid is dead.

  4. The new board is so boring… nothing unexpected happens…or I just didn’t discover anything special yet.

  5. İf we target a minion with libram of hope(9 mana spell) so we can get it from lady liadrin isn't it ?

  6. Blizzard: makes new Libram Paladin archetype

    Literally everyone:

    Cool. New cards for pure paladin

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