Standard Exodia Mage is BACK! Teron Maiev OTK Combo! | Hearthstone

The goal of this Hearthstone Standard Exodia Mage OTK combo deck is to use Archmage Antonidas combined with Sorcerer’s Apprentice! We do this by playing Antonidas and Maiev Shadowsong. Then we play Khadgar, double Sorcerer’s, Teron Gorefiend, and pop open the Gorefiend with Rocket Augmerchant! Infinite fireballs! Exodia! Challenging, but fun meme deck! Good luck!

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24 thoughts on “Standard Exodia Mage is BACK! Teron Maiev OTK Combo! | Hearthstone

  1. You should totally try out this combo I thought of, not sure how to do it but im sure you can figure it out since you managed more difficult combos. the combo is that you force the opponent to draw their entire deck, then give your opponent a deathwing, force them to play deathwing, then kill off the deathwing. not exactly an OTK but it rather a hilarious way to win by forcing your opponent to destroy all of their own cards.

  2. You can be gold in a class and not know what you're doing, such as trying out a new deck or idea you got and see how it works.

  3. I love how salty you get almost every time and then pull off the combo. Keep up the good work!

  4. Mark, maybe you won't understand me, but… Do you feel bad for Blizzard's nerf of twin slice? It's making the only fun viable DH deck (K-T OTK) nearly unplayable. Ofc, it wouldn't stop you from OTK-ing opponent, but overall it will be just a meme now, while before you could actually win oftenly with fun OTK (play multiple things in one turn, and punch opponent into face, isn't it great?).
    Thanks for your videos, they're helping to remember that HS isn't only about winning and climbing.

  5. Does anybody else start to automatically duet marks introduction at the beginning of every new video 😄

  6. I like your content but your laugh makes me watch you on mute Oml is it ever annoying. No bm but is it like a tic?

  7. This video taught me that licensed adventurer wont give you a coin if you change heroes
    Very interesting

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