Stealing Frostmourne and The Lich King's Hero Power - Hearthstone

Hearthstone — can you steal frostmourne and the lich king’s hero power (remorseless winter) in yet another solo adventure experiment


ES_Dangerous Fling — Alexandra Woodward
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:


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33 thoughts on “Stealing Frostmourne and The Lich King's Hero Power — Hearthstone

  1. The problem is the hero power. You should play the card that swaps hero powers for a turn and make his power change with Finley.

  2. You know blizzard is dead when a stupid elf beats the king lich just to expand more of world of warcraft and make them more cash… i mean reforge being a complete failure due to greedyness i mean is the same so yeah only old blizzard can edit the lore

  3. Continue, switch your Hero Powers and then change it into another hero power, then he will lose Immunity

  4. Can you try again but next time take Grizzled Wizard (and Sir Finley Mrrgglton then what happend)?

  5. Use the minion that gives you immune during your turn and reach the turn limit to see what happens

  6. I defeated the lich king by stealing his spell and sumonning plate breaker for his shield to well break it and then hero power him and BOOM turn 7 win baby……

  7. Anyone has a nice mage deck so I can kill him? I got only mage left i killed all of the other ones with mecha'thun but i cant seem to do it with mage he just always kills me with the minions after i steal his weapon, I just don't have enough health to tank trough it

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