STOP WITH THE SPELLS, PLEASE!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1495

STOP WITH THE SPELLS, PLEASE!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1495

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ES_Pull Me Out (Instrumental Version) — Mike Stringer
ES_Whistler Themes 1 (60s Pop Version) — Magnus Ringblom
ES_Comes Around (Instrumental Version) — OTE
ES_Innocent Wooing — Dylan Joseph
ES_Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin

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39 thoughts on “STOP WITH THE SPELLS, PLEASE!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1495

  1. I play a good embiggen druid and I freaking love it. The +4/+4 dragons, which cost the same due to frizz kindleroost, that cannot be targeted by spells, has taunt/divine shield/rush is absolutely devastating.

  2. Druid is ok. The new ramp card is what allowed the class to survive after rotation since it lost so many great cards. The last wave of nerfs hit it pretty hard though.

  3. Druid needs some archetype support or defining cards. They have hints of something or the other but not the whole package.

  4. I feel like druids are competitive enough to still be viable in standard but wild they are one of the top classes

  5. THREE Yogg box clips. You can't be serious daily moments? Do you not have enough content?

  6. Weirdly, I think druids are quite "high-rolly", where if they get the couple cards they want, their really strong, otherwise a really fair class

  7. Standard Druid is the definition of “okay”. Druid is viable, but not necessarily broken or super fun to play

  8. Pretty stoked to see my last comment featured in this video 😀
    Great little community you've got here dude 😀

  9. Druid isn’t broken enough currently to compete with the top decks, but with the right cards it could be a force in future expansions.

  10. I loved playing Treant Druid in DoD. Crafted Goru for that deck, but lost my mulchy babies with the rotation. RIP

  11. Comment question: What do you think about discard effects and do you think it will ever be viable in standard with the addition of new cards?

  12. You still have exams during this pandemic? Good for you because some places got hit hard to where classes are closed.

  13. No w8, that man, i can't believe it, ROFFLE, no way, he learned how to sit, I'm so happy for him

  14. Druid is and will always be that specialty class. Hate them or love them, ever since Jades were removed, the class has become all about big something. Big Minion, now Big Spell and Big Board. I do, however feel that they're still reliant on early game ramp and if you don't have the right spells, they can be weak. Having said that, I love Druid

  15. I can say: "I was there when Roffle showed his legs" what a funny charity stream

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