STRONG NEW DUAL-CLASS LEGENDARY!! Big Demons & Infinite Pings! | Scholomance Review #7 | Hearthstone

A bunch of new Scholomance Academy cards have been revealed! Here are my detailed thoughts and star ratings for each new card.

Quick Reviews: 15:00

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Card Review | Hearthstone | Scholomance Academy Card Review #7


45 thoughts on “STRONG NEW DUAL-CLASS LEGENDARY!! Big Demons & Infinite Pings! | Scholomance Review #7 | Hearthstone

  1. 13:40 I got the infinite, it's in warlock and wild. Glenda Crowskin, the card that refreshes Mana after taking damage, flame imp, sac pac. Noz to refresh timer, that's the infinite

  2. Playmaker is basically just better bloodsworn mercenary that has synergy with bloodsworn itself. I promise you it will see a lot of play

  3. Ok hear me out:
    -kings blade
    -doctor krastinov
    -use rogue stuff to copy him
    -59/61 weapon

  4. 3 mana 30 30 with charge and regis be like " i really feel like there are more solid and better cards to playy"

  5. Willow for Wild is way too slow. 9 mana skull of manari would be good if it was a control deck, other than that its balanced and bot broken enough to play in wild:/

  6. Why does blizzard forget about some of their mechanics. Like archwitch should say recruit. They've done that with other cards like that witches brew spell for shaman. Should say echo but it says repeatable.

  7. Have you guys noticed just how competitive the 3 cost slot has become for Warrior? I was hoping to not see more 3 cost minions/weapons for the class. They've had so many introduced already. They've got almost too many 3 cost cards.

  8. Hey guys ! Is the giveaway scholomance bundle thing still on? I can't seem to find the link. Thanks !

  9. The DH guy who gains 1 damage per hero attack and the one that summons a 2/2 per attack can be duplicated and buffed Hy fellosofy, which means more trouble for anyone that isn't a DH

  10. No idea why you claim a 4/3 isn't something you want to play on turn 3. Its a perfectly fine standard play.

  11. So for the 1/1, I think it could fit into sidequest aggro hunter, you have the big turns with leper gnomes dealing a bunch of damage, then you combo this card with two shots and arcane shots to chip your enemy the rest of the way down.

  12. Uh, Playmaker plus Scion of Ruin for 18 rush damage as a turn 7, 2 card play? Restless mommy is nice and all, but we still have galakrond in standard and this fits well with what was once a key card in one of the strongest meta decks. May be enough to see the return of that deck in some form. (This assumes that it copies the extras, if not then you still get 4 scions for 12 rush damage and can still play the bounce game for more)

  13. the playmaker plus resless mummy: summons another 3/1 mummy with reborn, but not only that because when the mummy trades and reborns it should summon another 3/1 mummy (without reborn) therfore u get a total of 18/8 stats from a mummy plus 4/3 from playmaker itself. That card is broken. Also in Galakrond Warrior u can combine it with the rush dragon that triples himself. This card is so broken i call a nerf shortly after release.

  14. Am I crazy or does it seem like Rogue legendaries are bad this expansion? Is Rogue getting shafted this go around?

  15. My ratings vs. Regis, Round 7!
    Archwitch Willow: Disagree 4/5, I think the 3 star rating is fair given the current set of Demons we have, but I'm not going to be that guy who underestimates the power of cheating out 2 minions using this thicc lady. She looks like a big time tempo swing for Handlock decks at some point in her time in Standard.
    Pen Flinger (infinite ping minion): Disagree 1/5, this card is a slightly better Elven Archer. Smells like pack filler trash to me.
    Playmaker: Disagree 2/5, while the 4/3 body for 3 is solid stat-wise and it has the upside of text, I feel the overall setup required to make this card work will see it cut from optimized Warrior decks.
    Felosophy: Agree 3/5.
    Doctor Krastinov: Disagree 3/5, I basically see him as a 4/5 in Warrior and a 2/5 in Rogue so I feel 3 stars is a fair rating.

  16. I think Playmaker will be a 4 or 5 star when it gets played right.

    I see a triple prime play

  17. The 1 mana 1 damage spellburst guy could be a really good activator for The Caverns Below. No other card bounces back to hand so easily, and rogue has a ton of low cost spells.

  18. God-like combo with the unnamed ping card and Headcrack.

    There's also Umbral Skulker and Brann combos in wild, but like that'll ever beat Headcrack /s

  19. I think that 1mana minion is being underestimated here, think of the value and flexibility of having the card continually in hand and having the option to piggy back an extra damage everytime you play a spell.

  20. Its such a strange nerf on DragonQueen Alextraza. It whent from being a very powerful, late game card, to a late game card, thats lost all tempo.. A better nerf would have been to make it 8 mana, give 2 dragons costing 1 each, OR 9 mana, give 1 dragon, costing zero..

    The card allready have a huge downside.. Now its got a huge downside, with a very mediocre upside. Can only play Alextraza and 1 dragon, on turn 10.. Its nerfed into oblivion. My suggestions would atleast make it viable still…

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