SURPRISE NERFS & BUFFS!!! Demon Hunter AGAIN! Big Battlegrounds Changes | Hearthstone

Blizzard just fully revealed the another round of balance changes for constructed and Battlegrounds, including another tweak to Demon Hunter! What will the metas look like after these changes?

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35 thoughts on “SURPRISE NERFS & BUFFS!!! Demon Hunter AGAIN! Big Battlegrounds Changes | Hearthstone

  1. So when DH gets outlands apprentice this nerf is gone, and odd DH is buffed

  2. FINALLY Jaraxxus gets the very obvious buff he very obviously needs

    still don't like these tribe forcing heroes but Jarraxus might be like tier 3 now instead of tier 50

  3. Second Slice makes sense, the extra damage sucks but the 0 cost makes it too easy for Outcast and spell triggers. Bloodfury is good because with 138/138 pirates hanging around demons really need the tempo, Reno's not as much but his power is more based around finding the right minion instead of getting the ability out early so I guess it balances out. Maleficent 's I don;t agree with because attack is more important for mechs than health, I hate moving Hyena down because that means the beast steamroll build can happen even faster but I guess moving Surolisk up makes sense because it scales way too well with no downsides, and screw the bomb parrot.

  4. My best winrate hero next to hooktusk has actually been deathwing played it 10 times after pirates came out and all 10 times i got 3rd or better just spamming all the uncontested token cards

  5. Someone else thinking to make twin slice a bit more unique (as it is just a more flexible heroic strike) by reverting "Second slice"?

  6. Oh still no arena? Atleast I don’t gotta waste time and money on blizzard anymore obviously don’t care for the little guys of their player base at all just the ones that bring in the big bucks

  7. Lmao imagine thinking tier 3 macaw is a nerf, turn 5 (7 gold) triple into macaws as a discover instead of a chance to roll it on your turn 3(5 gold) turn and selling for it and a decent deathrattle. Plus it hits harder.

  8. Haven't been able to find this page. And it isn't liked. Can someone give me the source?
    Update june 18th / tomorrow for me is when it will come out.

  9. Why are they nerfing even DH? It's already a joke, don't take away one of our more useful tools! At least make it so we pay 2 mana upfront for a 0 mana second slice!

  10. The twin slice nerf essentially kills off the entire otk demon hunter deck, which was the only demon hunter deck I played because it was fun and not completely dominant. Sucks because it’s actually an interesting deck and now it’s pretty much gone unless new cards come out to aid it

  11. I was kinda hoping for pirate nerfs. Maybe I'm just having trouble adjusting to the new Battlegrounds meta.

  12. I expect Hooktusk will get nerfed after she becomes available for players who aren't on the battle pass, because of course that's what they would do.

  13. I think an interesting design for Twin Slice would be to keep the new 1 mana +2 attack, but have the second slice be 0 mana +1. It keeps a lot of the original utility of the original, while forcing you to pay up front for that utility in the future.

  14. Battleground devs must have been drunk when they made the Macaw because that card destroyed BG balance.

  15. Reno is the strongest hero by far, can't beleive they're still buffing him instead of removing him for good.

  16. Eredar lord of the burning legion seems almost overpowered like Tirion was now. That is assuming there's as many demons as there's minions with no type, which I'm not sure about. Shame about no demons having divine shields.

  17. I can see the jaraxxus change being very good. Maybe not as good as Tirion used to be, true. Or maybe it could be atleast a guranteed top 4?
    There are some good early game Demons that becomes fairly high stated pretty fast. Pushing that 1 mana hero power each turn and we could have a midranged monster on our hands. Tiriron had neutral minions types only. And the 1/1 Devine Shield was especially insane. But Demons has that 2/4 taunt. Which is already really good stats. Idk, this might just be better than people think. Unexpectedly good.

  18. When is Kayen going to be nerf you move Leroy to the hof but then made a even more toxic version of him like come on blizzard

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