BEST DEMON HUNTER DECK? Hearthstone Ashes of Outland Highlander Demon Hunter (2020)

In this video we show you our favorite demon hunter deck for the new Ashes of Outland expansion. Deck Code: AAECAea5Ax78owORsQOHugOLugPJugPMugPXuwPmuwOcvAPDvAPJvAOZvQPmvgOEwwP3wwO6xgPHxgPZxgPaxgPVyAPXyAP3yAP+yAP/yAOcyQO1yQPZ0wPb0wPd0wP41gMAAA== Join our Discord: Thank you for watching the video, please leave a like...

Ten COUNTERSPELL — N'Zoth Highlander Mage #5 by APXVoid — Hearthstone Deck (Doom in the Tomb)

➜ NAJTAŃSZE GRY ▰ (z kodem MKR 3% cashbacku) ➜ OGLĄDAJ MNIE NA ŻYWO NA STREAMIE ▰ ➜ INSTAGRAM ▰ ➜ DRUGI KANAŁ Z GRAMI ▰ Kod na deck: AAECAaXDAx5NigHJA6sExQTLBJYF8gXhB+wHjQi+7ALO7wKggAPIhwODlgOfmwOgmwOKngOhoQP8owOLpAOSpAO/pAPypQOEpwOftwPj0gPk0gPn0gMAAA== source