Taking 32  OUT OF NOWHERE! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1443

Taking 32 OUT OF NOWHERE! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1443

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ES_Those Things You Do — Grip City Cronies
ES_Ghetto Dreamin’ — Chris Shards
ES_It’s in the Amp — Epocha
ES_One More Love — White Bones
ES_Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin

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48 thoughts on “Taking 32 OUT OF NOWHERE! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1443

  1. Sunglitters is the kind of girl i would like to be friends and a little more.
    Honestly i love her voice and her laugh.

  2. Translation 7:20:

    "Let's start with the book, already got Zephrys okay- What? What is happening? Zephrys are you drunk? My god (that line doesnt translate to english its a play on words), Zephrys what did you to me"

  3. I'd like to thank the submitter of Maya for making sure to clarify that the animal in the picture is a pig.

  4. I'd give Priest more cards that interact with Shadowform, which they can currently only enter using the spell of the same name.

  5. Change the hunter hero power. I don't know how, but this face huntard powered with 2 free damages each turn must stop

  6. You should prank the skipperino by making the timer say a wrong number but it switches to the correct one after a couple of seconds

  7. Can you stop putting that screeching banshee with furry ears in your videos.

    Quite annoying to hear that garbage go off at 4 am when trying to youtube sleep.

    Nothing funny nor pleasant about it either

  8. I liked it better when you put it in the ending instead of the intro. I enjoy your videos, but I don't really involve myself in the comment questions and I've just been skipping them regularly. I apologize if this sounds rude, but I like to watch the videos for the daily moments, not for the comment/community questions.

  9. The timer isnt useless. It makes it easier for me to skip via arrow keys and I wont miss the first highlight.

  10. Why do you keep cutting the clips in half like the one with purple? It is very frustrating

  11. Am I the only one that saw the golden brann and got confused why the battlecry’s didn’t trigger 3 times haha

  12. Id give resurrect priest and embiggen druid and their players a chance to admit that their Iq is in the 1 digit range and that they will just play with some rattles in the future

  13. in that savjz clip dragon didnt bugged out it attacked 3 times 1 of them didnt count

  14. Shaman weakness was supposed to be card draw, yet they have Mana Tide Totem which is waaay better than Nat Pagle (a card that i keep forgetting that is a legendary).
    I would replace it with a 1 mana card with twinspell that transforms a minion into a random one costing one more, it's weaker than evolve and unstable evolution but it's perfect to eventually push evolve shaman in standard.

  15. 4:43 it didn’t actually bug out it just did the animation again because of the mama imps ability. Afterwards it shot the egg

  16. Real talk, deadly shot & rotnest have literally been "destroy the biggest threat" cards for the last two weeks.

    The coding is so broken.

    3 different times, 5 minions on field with a taunt, guy gets my taunt.

    3 minions with a big edwin. Gets my edwin.

    Madness I say madness !

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