🛡 TANK UP 🛡 RANK UP 🛡 (Odd Warrior BLOCKS the Wild META) | Ashes of Outland | Wild Hearthstone

🛡 TANK UP 🛡 RANK UP 🛡 (Odd Warrior BLOCKS the Wild META) | Ashes of Outland | Wild Hearthstone

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0:02 Razakus Priest
11:02 Odd Demon Hunter
14:23 Pirate Warrior
22:19 Mech Paladin
28:03 Renolock

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📝 Full Deck List 📝
# Class: Warrior
# Format: Wild
# 2x (1) Eternium Rover
# 2x (1) Shield Slam
# 2x (3) Bash
# 2x (3) Bladestorm
# 1x (3) Brann Bronzebeard
# 1x (3) Bulwark of Azzinoth
# 2x (3) Coldlight Oracle
# 2x (3) EVIL Quartermaster
# 2x (3) Reckless Flurry
# 2x (3) Shield Block
# 1x (3) SN1P-SN4P
# 2x (5) Brawl
# 2x (5) Dyn-o-matic
# 2x (5) Plague of Wrath
# 2x (5) Supercollider
# 1x (5) Zilliax
# 1x (7) Dr. Boom, Mad Genius
# 1x (9) Baku the Mooneater
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

Enjoy the gameplay!

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26 thoughts on “🛡 TANK UP 🛡 RANK UP 🛡 (Odd Warrior BLOCKS the Wild META) | Ashes of Outland | Wild Hearthstone

  1. Have you ever thought of making a Reno deck with both genn and baku? You’d get an upgraded one mana hero power, you should try it.

  2. "Chat, you're just repeating the same three jokes and pretending it's innovative" is a pretty good summary of all twitch chats.

  3. I know chat is just a worse r/hearthstonecirclejerk, if that's possible, but if it's really starting to bother you, just ignore some comments, you know which ones. 14:36 made me write this comment.

  4. 25:32 wasnt supercollider into 1/1 and bladestorm better play? It allows you to tank up plus reckless flurry the following turn to kill 1/1s and probably magnetised minion

  5. At this point blizzard don’t care until they can drop another high paying expansion tavern brawl and arena are so dead

  6. hello roffle from korea always love your decks
    i fucking hated warrior boomsday cards
    i really shited when opponent warrior just use 'light the fuses!' 'save the best for last!' 'im sulitn up!' but its all memories when they go to wild.. i miss you boom..

  7. …I’m boggled trying to understand why you used the coin after a loatheb when you only had 9 cards in hand against a priest… is there a new mill priest? Lol
    am I missing a big brain play or was it a meme?

  8. 25:30
    Why didn't you supercolide the 1/1 and then bladestorm the galvanizer? You would use one charge of the collider instead of the entire bladestorm card.

  9. Man recently Roffle has been having a really bad time with chat. Are you doing ok Roffle. Maybe you need some time of streaming.

  10. I love the chemistry between Roffle and his twitch chat. It's an important dynamic!

  11. If he got the commanding shout and played bladestorm on the eternium rover how would that interact? Would he got million armor?

  12. Is Dr. Boom absolutely necessary? will change much the list if it doesn't include it?

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